Bridging the Divided

Some Days You’re The Hydrant…..

“Some days you’re the dog; some days you’re the hydrant.”

We all have days when we are on top of the world prancing about in our frilly dresses and hair in top knots with pretty bows; all is right in our world. We own Yorkies, and yes, I am one of those people who buy clothing for our dogs. Moving on, some days we are the hydrant standing there minding our own business and suddenly we get pissed (pardon the crass wording) on.  To be fair, there are also days when we find ourselves the piss-er instead of the piss-ee, so let’s face it being the hydrant once in a while is the Universe’s response to the karmic energy we accumulated from lifting our leg on others. What goes around comes around as they say – whoever ‘they’ are.

Hydrant days are a universal experience, aren’t they? Ever known anyone who made it from birth to grave with only rainbow and unicorn experiences? I haven’t, but then again it’s possible I am traveling in the wrong circles. 

We basically have three choices in responding to hydrant days; act, react or stand there and accept the warm bodily excretions of others. I have done all three at different times, most of us have. Doing nothing solves nothing. The situation doesn’t go away, does it? It’s still there waiting for us to dry off and do….something. Once we have dried off, we have two choices left; act or react. Reacting is like a knee-jerk. No thought goes into a knee-jerk the same as little or no thought goes into reacting. Reactions are usually swift, angry, and make the situation worse instead of better. Anger clouds our ability to see a situation clearly, places blame on others, closes doors to working through issues with thoughtful discussion. Acting requires us to face the dog lifting its leg in our direction, find common ground, and discuss the issue calmly and respectfully. In so doing we have the opportunity to learn, grow and expand. 

Aging affords us perspective. Looking back we can view the outcomes of situations in life for better or worse. We can ask ourselves what the common threads were in situations whose outcomes were positive or negative. Patterns may emerge and we can learn from the patterns.

As I grow older I am learning the value of giving myself time to consult the wisdom within, allow the fire of volatile situations to wane, and take the opportunity to think clearly and choose words carefully.  Nothing is ever resolved while the flames of anger are still alive. Once the heightened angry feelings dissipate we can usually find common ground to discuss and resolve the issue that led to the dog/hydrant event. 

No one likes to feel like the hydrant. When we choose to act instead of reacting or doing nothing, we open our minds and spirits to learning valuable lessons about life and ourselves…..

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