Bridging the Divided

Dogs Make Our Lives Whole…..

Roger Caras was the host of the Westminster Kennel Club Show, an author, television personality and animal activist. His life from the time he was a youngster was devoted to animals. His quote is on a plaque in our bathroom. Roger is one of my heroes along with anyone else, famous or not, who is a champion for animals and animal rights.

Those of us who love dogs understand his quote. Dogs are a part of our lives for a relatively short time, but in the short time they are with us, dogs do make our lives whole. We are always richer for their presence. Many of us love and care for them as members of our families, and feel their loss as acutely as any other being, human or otherwise, in our lives.

When I look into the eyes of each of our dogs, I see love staring back. Their eyes reveal a depth and purity of soul not often seen in the human-animal these days. I prefer time spent in the company of our dogs more so than in the company of most humans. I have only received love, trust, and loyalty from the dogs in my life. Never have I been ridiculed, shamed, judged, ignored, or taken advantage of by a dog.

Dogs do make the lives of people whole in myriad ways. They provide companionship, emotional support, and service to the young and old alike. Dogs work in the fields of medicine, law enforcement, therapy, entertainment, in prisons, schools, nursing homes, and hospices. What other creature created by the hand of Divine Love has such a lengthy and distinguished resume? 

We have an elderly Yorkie; he’s toothless, eyes are clouding, his body beginning to show the signs of frailty. My husband’s parents gave the tiny three-pound canine to us when it became difficult for them to care for him. I have not known him long, but he accepted me as if we had known one another a lifetime. Sometimes he is a snarly, grumpy little mess, I’m not going to lie! But then I think he may be feeling the ravages of age. He seeks out my lap anytime I sit down and snuggles beside me under the covers every night. When he crosses the Rainbow Bridge I will cry, grieve, and miss him terribly.

Ever wonder why it’s called the Rainbow Bridge? No one knows for certain, but there are several theories, some born from mythology, others from poems. Most agree the Rainbow Bridge leads to a bright, sunny, lush, green meadow where beloved pets await the passing of their human loved ones. Their humans, on their day of transition, will join their pets and together they will cross over into heaven. Animals who did not have human attachments, were unloved, or the victims of cruelty or circumstance, cross the Rainbow Bridge straight into heaven when they pass from this life. Beautiful imagery, and comforting to those of us who have lost treasured furry family members.

Dogs are not my whole life, but they do occupy a fairly big chunk of it. Each of them has brought me joy, laughter, contentment, purpose, and love that knows no bounds. Dogs truly do make our lives whole…..

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