Bridging the Divided

Energy Vampires…..They are Real!

Feeling drained? Become exhausted when in the presence of others or in crowds of people? Feeling depressed for no apparent reason? An energy vampire may be to blame. 

The term energy vampire is not new. Dion Fortune (No relation that I am aware of) wrote about psychic parasitism in her 1930s book, Psychic Self-Defense. The term has been used in various ways throughout the years; most recently to describe those people who seemingly suck the lifeforce right out of us. Energy vampires are toxic.

When in the presence of energy vampires we may feel irritated, stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed and not understand why. I have even suddenly felt physically ill. Before I recognized the symptoms for what they were, at times I would get so overwhelmed in crowds running out the door screaming seemed like a viable option. It doesn’t happen in all crowds; I have concluded there are certain energic combinations more likely to set my ‘spidey-sense’ on high alert. I have also been in the presence of one or two people and felt the same, not understanding why. I couldn’t concentrate on the conversation, felt trapped, and sometimes confused. Weird sensations for sure. 

Those who are sensitive to the energy of others are called ‘empaths’. We all have empathic ability, some are more sensitive and developed than others. Empaths bring light, wisdom, and understanding to others. Energy vampires seek out empaths to feed upon. Sounds sinister, doesn’t it? In its own way, I suppose it is. In reality, empaths have what energy vampires need; an open spirit. Toxic energy vampires are usually charming, appear loving, interested, and safe, but just when an empath has settled in, the toxic energy vampire strikes. Others may play the martyr, the victim, preying upon those who want to help, or believe they can anyway. Before long the empath is feeling stressed, confused, suffering low self-esteem and may even experience abuse at the hands of the energy vampire. As stress levels rise, confusion clouds all reason and the empath believes they are to blame. It’s all part of the game as the energy vampire feeds, growing more powerful; empaths also can easily become physically ill over time from the unrelenting stress. The most deceptive energy vampires are family members, spouses, and close friends because empaths cannot see their manipulation for what it is. 

So, what now? Empaths, sensitive to energy-sucking ways of energy vampires, need to learn to protect themselves, to protect their spirits. Acknowledging energy vampires exist is the first step. Why? Because empaths are often the people who want to believe the best in everyone and everyone is not deserving of our time and attention. Listen and trust the voice of intuition; if it doesn’t feel good, it isn’t. Don’t make excuses, overlook the obvious, or believe it will get better. Limit time spent in crowds, get out of relationships with people who are truly toxic; save yourself first. Empaths have a difficult time doing all of the above, but they are not impossible. I learned the hard way; learned to spot the energy-feeders and steer clear, learned to limit exposure by setting boundaries, not get too involved, and take time for myself. I still care, I still want to help, but we risk becoming unsuspecting prey without boundaries, without realizing our limits.

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, drained in the presence of others? Keep a journal. Patterns will arise from the pages as a warning. Vampires are real…..

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  1. Describing Colin Robinson from the comedy series, ‘What We Do In The Shadows’.

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