Bridging the Divided

The More People I Meet…..

The crazy cat lady has been the subject of many jokes and memes over the years. But, what about the crazy dog lady? That would be me, well us. My husband is about as dog-crazy as I am. In the age of political correctness, however, it’s more appropriate the title is all-inclusive; crazy dog people, lest any be left out and feel neglected, ignored, or otherwise, dissed.

We are in the process of remodeling our home, a work in progress, for what has turned out to be years and will require at least another year. Don’t get me started! But, on a more positive note, most rooms are almost done save for the detail work, trim, finishing touches, etc. My goal is to have the remodel done before it’s out of date.

The hall bathroom is one of the almost-finished rooms. I am waiting on a new shower curtain to complete the canine decor theme. And, you thought I was kidding about being the crazy dog lady. We have a dog corner too. Not for the dogs necessarily, just an area with dog-related things, and a three-drawer cubicle containing their leashes, clothes, toys, grooming brushes, hair bows, medicines, filters for the dog water fountain, stuff every crazy dog-person has. And yes, our dogs have clothes; sweaters mostly, Christmas dresses, Halloween dresses, NFL jerseys, jogging suits. Dressing dogs in clothing is controversial. Some people believe dressing dogs in clothing is demeaning to dogs. It’s not, none of ours have needed therapy yet. 

Why am I dog crazy, besides the fact our Yorkies are adorable, fun, furbabies each with their own personality? Because relationships with people have lost their luster and become more challenging than satisfying.  Dogs are loyal, their love and acceptance are not offered with strings attached. There is a reason Louis Sabin said, “The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.” Dogs don’t care about our social status, income, how much we weigh, or what we do for a living. They don’t judge, never have, never will. Once a dog has trusted a human, they are all in; dogs don’t leave because they get bored or fall out of love with us. Humans do that to dogs, however. See what I mean? The more people I meet, the more I like my dogs…..

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