Bridging the Divided

Today I Had Dessert For Breakfast…..

2020. A new year, a new decade, a new direction. Starting a new year in some ways feels like an opportunity to start fresh, whatever ‘fresh’ means to us. I decided against resolutions, instead, I set a few goals.

Life ebbs and flows, each day, week, month new opportunities and challenges are set in our paths. How we view the opportunities and challenges says quite a bit about who we are. Will we welcome new opportunities, accept new challenges seeing them as ways to improve who we are as souls living in a body and having a life experience, or will we trudge onward with heavy steps and hearts? Are we willing to open our eyes to patterns that have not served us well, and once identified, break the patterns with new thoughts, new ways of looking at situations and people in our lives, new responses to compliment the thoughts taking us in a new direction, producing different outcomes? 

Breaking patterns that do not serve is like a snake shedding its skin, leaving it behind and refusing to look backward. We would think a snake returning to its shed skin, attempting to fit itself back inside foolish, and yet we do the same when we attempt to break patterns then fall back into the old patterns because they feel safe, familiar. Shedding old patterns is not easy, it takes time and effort. One of the biggest challenges to establishing new patterns is not wavering when others in our lives recognize the changes and react negatively. 

Most of us assume roles in life, roles we didn’t choose but have accepted; perhaps we have chosen to play the role of the victim. We allow others to beat us down, we don’t speak up in our defense, roll over and accept the poor treatment from others as our fate, but can we logically say we didn’t choose the role? In fact, we did. Allowing anything is a passive choice, passive because we did nothing to intervene, to change the direction, and in the case of the victim, by default we gave our power over to others. 

A decade ago my children and I were coming out of an environment of abuse. Patterns were broken replaced by new patterns. It wasn’t easy, still isn’t from time to time but we are much farther ahead as we begin this new decade. Today someone reading this needs to hear it is okay to break old patterns, establish new patterns, make active choices that will serve to grow and expand their life. 

As the new decade gets underway shed the old, establish the new; it’s never too late. Today I had dessert for breakfast…..

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