Bridging the Divided

Happy 2020…..

Christmas 2019 is in the books as we stand on the precipice of a new year and a new decade, or do we? Depends on who answers the question. The purists tell us a new decade begins in “1” years, and the rest of us find it easier to think in terms of “0” years as the beginning of a new decade. Does it matter? Not to me. Either way, celebrations marking the beginning of a new year will take place.

The first celebration of a new year is thought to have occurred in Mesopotamia in 2000 B.C. however, it was celebrated in mid-March during the vernal equinox. Celebrations centered around their gods and goddesses with rituals, eating, drinking and making merry, not unlike we do to this day, except theirs lasted eleven days. Far more celebrating than I would care to do at one time! From 46 B.C. on, the new year was celebrated in January to include honoring the god Janus who had two faces and was able to simultaneously look forward and backward, which we have incorporated into New Year’s celebrations with Father Time and Baby New Year. 

Digging a little deeper celebrating the new year, marking the passage of time, provides us with reasons to be grateful for surviving another year and helps us take stock in our future by making resolutions. What are resolutions? Resolutions are commitments to survival and longevity. We want to live another 365 days, and we want to feel like we are in control of our destiny so we commit to exercising more, eating less, and quitting vises that may limit our survival. Some may choose to attend church or pray more frequently – at least we can secure a place in heaven just in case our survival techniques don’t work! 

The reality is whatever resolutions we make, most will fall by the wayside soon after the new year begins. No matter, resolutions or not, a new year and – depending upon which side of the decade coin one stands – a new decade will begin. I think I will resolve to be grateful for each new day. 

Happy 2020 and may you be blessed with a heart overflowing with gratitude and love…..

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