Bridging the Divided

A Dog’s Intuition…..

“If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.”― Woodrow Wilson

Humans would do well to pay attention to their dog’s reaction in the presence of others. Both dogs and humans are born with intuition; that gut reaction appearing out of nowhere and not confined by analytic reasoning to a situation or person. The feeling we just know. 

Humans, believing we are more superior than other created beings, canine or otherwise, often ignore intuition to our peril. Instead, we opt for conscious reasoning – preferring to analyze the information from our senses and the physical world, stir the pot of information a bit, simmer it, take a sip and swirl it around in our mouths before deciding what our decision or action will be. We break situations down to analyze the pro’s and con’s, wade into the weeds of detail, and spend far too much time in our heads until mental exhaustion sets in and often find we are no closer to an answer than at the beginning. Conscious reasoning isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes it is too logical. 

Dogs operate from their intuition. Dogs have no need for logic and data analyses because they are tuned into the inner voice of the soul while receiving and processing vibrations from the energetic world. It’s a much more efficient and accurate system than conscious reasoning. There is a purity to intuition, unsullied by too much information, too many options. Humans would do well to fine-tune their intuitive gifts. Especially when it comes to sizing up other human animals.

Ever had the experience of your dog taking an instant dislike to someone in your home or while out and about? The dog barked insistently as if there were danger lurking about? Perhaps the dog positioned himself between you and another, never taking their eyes off the other, a low-growl warning in their throat. Or, maybe the dog took a not-so-playful nip at the heels of the other. What was your reaction? Scold the dog? Put the dog in another room? Make apologies like, “he doesn’t usually act that this”? Maybe we need to consider what our dogs are trying to communicate instead of assuming errant behavior?

Dogs communicate with us when we listen. Their highly developed intuition receives and processes energetic vibrations from others and their surroundings within milliseconds and they are more right than wrong. Wary behaviors like demonstrating a protective stance or vocal warning could well indicate they are distrustful of another. We are, after all, part of their pack, their family, and will protect us with their lives if necessary.

And if we are on the receiving end of a dog who refuses to come to us after having looked us in the face? Some serious soul-searching is in order…..

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