Bridging the Divided

We Reap What We Sow…..

Free-will is a gift, but it isn’t without consequences. Does exercising free-will buy us a ticket on the Heaven or Hellbound Express? Not likely. Free-will is a tool for growth if we are working to understand the Karmic lessons of our decisions. 

Hinduism teaches we take in information through our five senses. What we do with the information is called Karmic action in the form of thought, word, or deed. Throughout life, we accumulate Karma either good or bad. Hinduism believes in an afterlife and reincarnation, so the outcome of our current life’s accumulation of Karma will determine the next life’s work, so to speak. Truly, this is a rudimentary overview. Most world religions are variations of the same including Christianity. 

Christianity contains many principles found in other world religions and its principles are not as unique as many believe them to be. Yeshua (Jesus) taught a man reaps what he sows, as does Hinduism. We are each responsible for our thoughts, words, and deeds. In terms of Karma, Christianity teaches God is the judge and decides our eternal fates whereas other religions teach we determine the next steps based upon our Karmic debt; what good or bad Karma is accumulated over a lifetime, or many lifetimes. 

Christianity also teaches we are born in a state of sin and many denominations believe we continue sinning until we speak the Sinner’s Prayer. Why are we held accountable for the ‘sins’ of the first humans’ free-will choices? How does that make sense? I have said the Sinner’s Prayer. Did it magically change my thoughts, words, and deeds? The simple answer is no. I regularly attended church. Does church attendance automatically translate into a ticket on the Heavenbound Express? Again, no. They are meant as outward expressions of the inward change for those who choose the Christian journey.

The bottom line is we are responsible for our thoughts, words, and actions/reactions. If we do not change them, patterns develop and we repeat the patterns in our relationships and lives as a whole. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome. If we are not working to change patterns that do not serve us well we are essentially banging our heads against a brick wall and wondering why we have a headache. 

All thought, word, and deed begin with heart motivation; the reasons why we think, say or do. There are natural consequences to thoughts, words, and deeds. We may not always recognize them as such, but the natural consequences are there nonetheless. Karma, judgment, whatever one chooses to call the result of our actions/reactions, free-will has consequences; good or bad. Growth occurs because we examine the motivations of the heart against the outcomes of our relationships and lives as a whole and make the necessary changes. If we choose not to take a hard look inward we will repeat the patterns that have not served us well.

Cosmic judge? Magic words? We are free to think, speak and do as we please as long as we understand free-will has consequences good and bad. We reap what we sow…..

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