Bridging the Divided

The Gift of Free-Will…..

Ever wonder why God created mankind, endowed them with free-will, declared them ‘good’ with the expectation they would exercise their free-will, and then became angry with mankind and has been forever thus? I don’t have the answer because there is no answer. It doesn’t make sense. 

A spiritual journey needs to make sense in order for it to be of value. Does making sense mean we understand everything? No, it does not. The Divine Love Energy we know as God is love in the purest sense. Divine Love is not fickle. And yet, the Bible and those who wield it like a bludgeon would have us believe we needn’t understand anything, our job and purpose are to believe and obey. Blind obedience and belief without rationale create automatons, non-thinking, robots made in the likeness of man. Divine Love created sentient beings with emotion, the ability to think and reason for themselves, and to learn from experiences. “Because I said so” doesn’t work for sentient beings with free-will. Sentient beings with free-will learn can through experience. We choose how and when to act or react.

Science and philosophy try to explain free-will; whether it’s real and how it operates as if it operates in a way we can quantify through modern-day testing methods. The brain is a highly complex organ, at best. We don’t understand much about how it works in terms of memory, dreaming, regeneration, etc. The brain and its function remain a mystery as does the ability to exercise free-will.

Free-will involves the ability to control the ego, the part of ourselves that helps us construct self-image and operates primarily from emotions. The ego isn’t one thing we can easily define but we can see its influence in our lives. We develop self-image when we believe certain statements about ourselves, positive or negative, true or false and then base our self-image on those statements. We may believe a false statement about ourselves, react negatively in a given situation, and when we try to understand why we reacted negatively the voice of the ego overshadows the voice of reason and wisdom by shouting accusations that only serve to solidify the false beliefs we have embraced about ourselves. We feel defeated and are left with little understanding of the intensity of our emotions and reactions. 

It is possible to detach from the onslaught of false belief from the ego and reconstruct who we are based on reality. Enter one of the abilities of free-will; to decide who we are, who we would like to be, and how to act instead of reacting. When we react we give over control to the ego; acting allows us to maintain control of our emotions, listen to the voice from within, the voice of Divine Wisdom, the God part of who we are. 

Free-will is a gift, the ability to decide for ourselves how we will respond to others and the world we live in. We all have it, we are all capable of exercising free-will. To learn from our mistakes empowers us to be better people and leave the world a better place. God is not angry with mankind for using the gift to discover how to live within the world Divine Love created….. 

1 comment on “The Gift of Free-Will…..

  1. Good stuff!
    It’s all about choices.
    Do you hate they slow learners?


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