Bridging the Divided

The Rainbow Bridge…..

A piece of my heart died the day you crossed over the rainbow bridge…..

A piece of my heart died the day you crossed over the rainbow bridge…..

Grief is not reserved for humans losing human loved ones. We also grieve deeply for the pets who have touched our lives in amazing ways and gone on before us. Animals have spirits, of this I am convinced. We will reunite with them on the other side of life on earth. Anyone who has loved an animal understands the human spirit connects with the spirits of their pets. Any who believe animals do not have spirits have never truly loved an animal. Not all humans love animals, nor share their lives and love with an animal. In my opinion, their lives are poorer for missing the experience. 

Grief is a personal experience. Grief is a journey; a journey traveled alone and the only way to the other side is through. We can sympathize and empathize with others losing a human family member, spouse or friend, but do we afford the same to those losing a pet? Many do not understand the grief pet parents experience is acute, raw, its depth unfathomable. Sadly, many who have lost a pet tuck their grief away for fear of looking foolish to others. After all, it was just a dog, a cat, or a bird. The reality is a dog, cat, bird or any creature we care for and about is worth grieving over. Grieving for pets is real and necessary; a sacred vulnerability that opens us to connect with Divine Love.

Animal spirits, so strongly connected to ours, will let us know they are okay and will wait for us on the other side. I believe in animal reincarnation and walk-ins. And why not, no one has told them reincarnation and walk-ins aren’t possible. I have not had experience with any other animals except dogs in terms of reincarnation and walk-ins, but have read many accounts of cats and other pets returning to their humans if only to offer reassurance and to help them through the grieving process. We believe our beloved Harley has made contact with us in many different ways including through walk-ins. Spirits connected during earthly lives have a way of finding one another after the body dies.

Many cultures believe the spirit hangs around for up to ten days following death. It makes sense. The body dies but spirits are eternal and live on, unencumbered by the confines of flesh. I have experienced both a human and animal visitation within a few days after their death. On the day of my former mother-in-law’s funeral, I caught a brief glimpse of her sitting in the living room wearing her favorite outfit and it wasn’t the one she was buried in. The momentary visit brought peace to my heart. Regardless of what happened with her son, my ex-husband, she and I shared a spiritual connection. So too, a few days after Harley was hit by a car when she got out the grooming salon’s door, the spirit of our beloved Yorkie visited. Her visit was unexpected, obvious to us, and brought peace. She found her way home to momentarily touch our grieving and wounded hearts.  

Pets touch our hearts and lives even after they have crossed over. Their love and commitment to us are eternal; the purity of their devotion transcends the flesh. Losing a pet hurts, it shatters the heart into a million tiny pieces. The grief, so intense at times, we can scarcely breathe. And yet, we need to grieve. The intensity subsides in time, I promise. Grief takes time and it cannot be rushed. We will know we are healing when we can remember happier times through our tears. We are richer for the time spent with a beloved animal. Loving a pet allows the power of Divine Love to reach into the depths of our spirits and remind us we are loved…..

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