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The Healing Wisdom of Dogs…..

Dogs are God’s messengers, representatives of the unconditional love and acceptance of Divine Love bringing healing to the wounded.

Healing from an abusive relationship is complicated at best. It takes time and effort, and most of all patience and love. God has brought various instruments of healing during my journey; the most significant is my husband and the dogs he brought into our lives. He introduced me to Yorkies. During our courtship, he texted me a picture of a Yorkie puppy with the question, “Do you want one?” Who wouldn’t want a cuddly, fluffy little bundle of love? I didn’t see space for one in my life at the time and declined. He bought it anyway and placed her in my arms. Sold. A few months later her sister joined us. Some years went by and his parents’ Yorkie joined the family, then a puppy following the untimely death of the first Yorkie’s sister, and finally our newest. Each has its own personality, its own unique way of healing and loving.

Healing is a process, occurring in layers, much like peeling an onion. As we heal, a layer drops away, new life is born. So subtle is healing, progress is best seen in retrospect.  Through the years much healing has been done and the dogs played a big part in the process. Dogs are pack animals and see their human family as part of the pack. Pack animals care for and protect one another. When one is hurt the others gather round, nurturing it until strong enough to carry on. And so it was with our dogs; each bringing their own healing as they were welcomed into the human pack. 

Science tells us animals function through instinct. I believe instinct is only part of the picture; the wisdom of Divine Love is abundant, as well. Sometimes the best medicine is tender licks or patiently and quietly sitting beside the wounded . It may appear passive, like little of consequence is happening, but their spirits are imparting strength, acceptance, and unconditional love. The reverse is true, too. When wounded animals find their way into our families, they will instinctively seek out the healers, sitting alongside them, soaking up their strength, acceptance, and unconditional love. Sometimes dogs and the ones who love them are healing simultaneously; true symbiosis. Two of my children, survivors of their father’s abuse, have dogs, and one has cats, all are rescue animals by Divine design, all are healing together. 

Proverbs 30:17 says, “The eyes are the window of the soul”, true of every creature created by Divine Love. We can tell much from the eyes alone, no words are necessary. The eyes of the rescue animals express gratitude, its depth unfathomable, the eyes of those without pain and abuse in their background exude the purity of love and acceptance. 

The healing wisdom of dogs is simple yet powerful. They know when to come alongside to offer comfort and they know when to engage the hurting in activity. Ours like to go outside and play fetch or chase one another around the yard in a kind of canine game of tag. The cares and weight of the world melt away watching their carefree play. Over time another layer of pain peels loose…..

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