Bridging the Divided

Hear Me…..I Matter…..

Murder, abuse, mass shootings, the normal fare for newscasts around the globe. Was there a recent planetary shift? Why does it seem so much more prevalent? 

I don’t believe there is one reason, one cause for any problems within families, cities, or countries. Unresolved conflict leads to explosive reactions whether between people or countries. Growing up in the church one hears money is the root of all evil, or more accurately, the love of money is the root of all evil, and I don’t disagree, but there is something even more pervasive and prevalent. As a society we are so entrenched we are not even aware. What is this pervasive, insidious evil? The cell phone.

We all have one attached to our body in one capacity or another. Parents quiet their children in the grocery store, car, doctor’s office, wherever by handing them a cell phone. I see young kids with cell phones of their own. The electronic babysitter. I was in our chiropractor’s office the other day and every person in the waiting room, and I am not exaggerating, came in, sat down, and immediately pulled out their cell phone. Job security for the chiropractor. 

People no longer look others in the eye when conversating because more often than not the conversation is taking place while one or both are on their cell phone texting, checking emails and Facebook, or playing a game. It’s beyond rude. Is the content one is viewing on the cell phone more important than an in-person conversation one is having with another human being? In all likelihood, no. If it is, let the other person know when you are done with the urgent matter at hand, set the cell phone aside, and give the person your undivided attention.

The problem is we cannot focus our attention on the human in front of us when our brains are focused on the cell screen. And whether or not we are consciously aware, our brains and spirits subconsciously know we are not being heard. Not being heard translates into, “What I am saying isn’t important”. Even worse, the thought and feeling “I am not important.” begins to form. As a cell phone addicted society, we have convinced ourselves we are capable of scrolling through Facebook or emails, texting someone, or playing games and having a meaningful conversation at the same time. Truth be told, we are not. 

As parents, we learn selective hearing, not that I am an advocate, but it is the reality. We listen for keywords or phrases that tap us on the shoulder when we need to pay attention. I dare say most of us have grown up with the thought or feeling we don’t matter, or what we say isn’t important because of parental selective hearing. In effect, as adults, we have already been conditioned in that belief, so in the adult world, we don’t consciously take offense when we are talking to someone while the other is on their phone, but subconsciously our brains and spirit are registering the disheartening thought, “I am not important”. 

Could this be a piece of the puzzle? The reason there has been an uptick of chaos in our world? Have people had enough of not being heard, or feeling they don’t matter? With a gun in one’s hand or a threat on one’s lips, others will listen and respond. It’s an attention-getter for certain. Food for thought…..

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