Bridging the Divided

What We Take With Us…..

When you think about it, all we really have in this world are our relationships; those with family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, our pets, and of course, God. Each of them is different, some last a lifetime, others are temporary. Relationships are valuable, especially those lasting a lifetime, but do we truly value them? Whatever lies beyond this earthly life is uncertain, regardless of what anyone tells us. I  believe the relationships we form here on planet earth are the only things we will have on the other side. 

Personalities, values, worldviews and basic preferences differ for everyone and can be difficult to look past. Humans have a tendency to base their relationships on surface preferences rather than on loving and having relationship with the spirits of others. We are created spirits wrapped in flesh, not the other way around, so it would only make sense to base our relationships on valuing the spirits of others and not just on similar preferences since it is all we really have in the end.

Humans are essentially lazy, we tend to take the easy way out, less likely to take the road less traveled. We don’t like opposition. Everything from family feuds to World Wars begins with opposition; taking offense because others don’t think, believe, or act the same as us. Religious differences have started many wars through the centuries but what are religious differences if not simple preferences, different ways of looking at the same thing, different expressions of our journeys? 

There are always deeper waters to the reasons people act and speak. When we don’t take the time to look past the surface differences like opinions, beliefs, or actions to the spirit-person within we miss the eternal value of others, miss the opportunity to deepen relationships with others. Beneath the surface differences, we are all the same; we need love, acceptance, and encouragement, we need to belong. When these basic needs are not met, when we don’t feel seen or heard by others, we act out, depression and anxiety sets in, and illness consumes the body. 

So does that mean we are to accept everything another says and does and not voice our opposition, become the doormat of others? Absolutely not. Disagreement with another need only be disagreement with their opinions, beliefs, or journey without severing the tie that binds us all together; we are all extensions of Divine Love, of God. Disagreements need not result in others feeling unloved, unacceptable, or unheard. 

For me, the one thing that comes across loud and clear about Yeshua’s (Jesus’s) life on earth is that He saw beyond the flesh to the spirit within. Reading the resumes of the very people He chose for His disciples makes it abundantly clear Yeshua chose them based on what He saw within, not on their career choices, personalities or opinions. Peter was a brash fisherman, often zigging when he should have been zagging, and yet Yeshua chose to call Peter the rock upon which the church would be established. The Bible says Saul was knocked to the ground from his donkey by the spirit of Yeshua and placed in the position of chief missionary although Saul, who became Paul, was a highly opinionated, narrow-minded persecutor of any who did not hold his beliefs. Yeshua recognized and honored their spirits, looked beyond their surface peculiarities and it changed them, their devotion evident.

Valuing and honoring the spirit within needs to be the underlying foundation of relationships. Relationships ebb and flow like the ocean tides, but are supported by love for spirits wrapped in human flesh. Temporary snits of the ego may step between two spirits created by Divine Love but at the end of the day, the eternal value of the relationship remains intact. Most snits of the ego can be worked through with agreeing to disagree and allowing the foundation of love to support any earthly disagreements or differences. Today is temporary. Spirit and the love they are wrapped in is eternal…..

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