Bridging the Divided

I Teach Because I Have Been Taught…..

We are teachers because we have been taught. We are healers because we have been healed. We are wise because we have been foolish. 

We are born into this world with knowledge tucked within every cell and corner of our being. Life’s experiences illuminate the knowledge allowing it to rise to the surface to share with others. Ever had the experience when you hear something come out of your mouth and as you are saying it wonder where you heard or read it? It has happened to me. And people refer to me as a “healer”. Nursing is the career I chose as a young person, but that isn’t the context in which I am called a healer. At first, it was disconcerting.  I have also been called wise. That isn’t a word I would choose for myself, either. But the reality is we are all teachers, healers, and wise in our own right when we open ourselves to the knowledge within, the essence of God, of Divine Love coursing through our beings. 

From the pulpit, preachers have speculated on the so-called lost years of Yeshua (Jesus), the years between His birth and when He appears on the scene as “Messiah”. Did Yeshua travel to a far off land and learn from the wise living on mountaintops? Probably not. It’s more likely Yeshua learned to access the wisdom within and allowed it to flow freely as He encountered people and situations during His relatively brief stay on planet earth. And, I meant to use the term learned. Yeshua was fully human and as such arrived on earth the same as you and I, subject to the same learning experiences common to us all. Yeshua mastered being fully alive, fully human, and fully in control of His spirit; fully present in both the earthly and spiritual realms. There was no other way for Yeshua to become our example of what is possible if not to experience life being fully human and fully alive spiritually. The directives to do as He did, the statements all things are possible wouldn’t be valid if Yeshua lived from His position of Divinity only. Everyone has the ability to be fully aware within both the physical and spiritual realms, to live as Yeshua lived, but most of us don’t master it. 

Many of us are familiar with the term ‘centered’, as in we need to be in a place of centeredness. To be centered is simply stating we are between two places; in this case, firmly rooted on planet earth and fully accessing and operating within the spirit. Acknowledging the reality we can see and understanding our thoughts, words, and actions can affect or change the reality we see is how Yeshua lived in front of those who listened. Yeshua was centered. To the crippled man at the pool of Beit-Zata (Bethesda), Yeshua said to pick up his mat and walk, to the Roman Centurian whose servant lay dying Yeshua said the Centurian would find his servant healed, to a dead girl’s grief-stricken parents Yeshua said she was only sleeping. 

One of the biggest differences between pursuing religion versus spirituality is in how we perceive ourselves in relation to God, Source Energy, or Divine Love. Religious Christianity teaches us to pray as if we have no control over anything, we are sinners, incapable of making a good choice or decision without God directing our every thought and action. Spirituality recognizes wisdom lies within and accessing the wisdom will guide our thoughts and actions for the good of self and others. Life’s experiences teach us and if we learn, we become teachers. We become healers when our inner and outer selves are healed through recognizing the dis-ease and doing the work to return to health, and we become wise when we access the wisdom within to answer the hard questions of life and realize the role we play in every situation and act accordingly. 

Paul said in 2 Corinthians 1:6, “if we undergo trials, it is for your encouragement and deliverance; and if we are encouraged, that should encourage you when you have to endure sufferings like those we are experiencing.” It’s the Bible’s way of saying we experience difficult times in life so that we can teach others what we have learned as a result of our difficult experiences. I teach because I have been taught, I heal because I have been healed, I am wise because I accessed the knowledge within…..

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