Bridging the Divided

Acknowledging Ego, Responding From Divine Love…..

One of the most important lessons Yeshua (Jesus) taught was the power of Divine Love, God resides within. We need not look outside of ourselves to access the power we need to change anything. True, we often think of God sitting on a throne in the heavenlies, but God is not limited to a place or space. God is omnipresent, everywhere at the same time. How many times did Yeshua remind people to exercise their faith? Faith is just another word for accessing the power within. Christianity has many definitions of faith; trust, belief, hope, are a few. But we overlook the teachings where Yeshua reminded people to access their Divine power.

To the woman who had hemorrhaged for years, Yeshua said her faith had healed her, to Jair and his wife, believing their daughter was dead, Yeshua responded she was only sleeping, and to the winds and storm, Yeshua spoke and commanded them to cease, examples of accessing the power of Divine Love within. Yeshua was fully human and fully God demonstrating the possibilities available to us once we become aware of the power within each of us. Yeshua was an example of a human fully in control of the ego while responding from the spirit. Yeshua did nothing while walking the earth in the clothing of humanity we cannot also do. The difference between Yeshua and the rest of humanity was Yeshua understood the power of Divine Love is available to all and accessed the power to change the world around Him.

In Ephesians 6 Paul talks about putting on the full armor of God as we war against evil and darkness in the earthly life. Use all the armor and weaponry that God provides, so that you will be able to stand against the deceptive tactics of the Adversary. For we are not struggling against human beings, but against the rulers, authorities and cosmic powers governing this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm.” (Ephesians 6:11-12 The Complete Jewish Bible) Colorful, poetic language to describe the struggle between the two sides of humanity; the ego and the spirit. Do I believe there is evil in the world? Most certainly. Do I believe the evil is the devil or otherworldly, unseen spirits sent to torment humanity? That is more difficult to swallow. It’s too easy, and a cop-out to blame it on something outside of ourselves when humanity was given free-will. Acts of good and evil are a direct result of the decisions of the will and the voices that guide our responses; ego versus the spirit of Divine Love.

The ego will always clamor for control. The ego is the voice inside our heads speaking day and night, and usually with little of anything good to say. “What makes you think you can do…..?”, “People won’t listen to you.”, “You’re not good enough”, are a few of the statements rattling around in our brains.  The words of the ego are frequently the words related to the victim mentality, as well. “I can’t” is the battle cry of the victim mentality. When we listen and respond to the voice of the ego we are turning over control, turning over our power, to the ego. The ego can be like a petulant child selfishly demanding its own way. To be fair, the voice of the ego is protective, too, providing the warnings we need in potentially dangerous situations; think self-preservation, so we do not want to shut the ego down entirely. 

The spirit voice is quieter and speaks Divine truth; accepting the words of the spirit voice is up to us. “You are enough”, “You are loved”, and other uplifting and positive words are examples of the spirit voice. Listening to the voice of the spirit allows us to access the power of Divine Love within, to rise above and see life’s situations from a higher perspective. The voice of the spirit allows us to respond to serve our higher good and that of others at the same time. The voice of the spirit responds with love and from love, always.

Balance is the key, we need to learn balance. We live within this earthly realm, we are spirits living in a body and having a life experience so we are equipped with both ego and spirit. So how do we achieve balance? Through mindfully living each day, being aware of our feelings and accepting them for what they are; just feelings. We don’t need to act on them, acknowledging them is enough. And, dig deeper. Why are we feeling the way we are feeling? Is it an opportunity for growth? Are we intuitively sensing something is amiss, not quite right? Are we feeling threatened in any way? Our responses need to be an act of love, of acceptance of ourselves and others, without judgment. There is sacred holiness to responding from love, from the center of our being, from spirit. 

When I started living mindfully, acknowledging feelings but waiting to respond, and making certain my responses were from the spirit, from Divine Love, I literally watched people around me change. It was as if they relaxed, were more open and secure. We are all afraid of being judged, of not measuring up, of failing, but all of these are just feelings or incorrect and limiting beliefs that have no basis in truth. Acknowledge the feelings, the voice of the ego, then replace the feelings with love statements allowing the God-given power within to rise up and respond from spirit…..

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