Bridging the Divided

Finding the Journey…..

There was a moment in my life I spoke the words of the ‘Sinner’s Prayer’. I went to church, attended Bible studies, taught Bible classes to kids and adults, memorized scripture, was a member of the music ministry, the whole nine yards. I never fit in, never felt a part of the action, could not adopt the collective mindset; I truly believed I was the problem. Then I met Divine Love, God, the God that exists outside the church walls, the one mankind did not fashion in his image. The church’s view of God is so small and limited. 

We are called to journey with God, not because if we don’t we won’t go to Heaven, rather we are called to journey with God because we are extensions of the Creator; Divine Love courses through the blood that warms and nourishes our human bodies. Every created thing in the universe pulsates with the energy of Divine Love. When we answer the call to journey with Divine Love we are transformed and renewed through understanding we are and always have been one with God. The universe is filled with vibrant colors and variety, so why would God demand there is only one way to journey with Him? God didn’t, mankind did.

Humans, the piece de resistance of God’s creation, are complex beings.  Unlike the rest of creation, humans think, reason, and were gifted with free will. We can choose to act or react, love or hate, belong or go it alone; we have choices. The free will part gets us in trouble every time,  does it not? A quick look at the news every day verifies many use their free will to foster chaos and mayhem, and to be fair, there are many on the other end of the spectrum giving and loving abundantly. Free will and the ability to choose includes our journey with God and how we will journey. Free will isn’t free will if we are limited to the one-way-or-the-highway mentality as religion teaches. As unique creations with the Spirit of God living within we will receive from Divine Love in the way most suited to our individuality and no one has the right to dictate how we will journey or receive from the Divine. Believe me, I tried to journey with God as dictated by the church, and it felt false, insincere, unproductive. How does one hear from the Spirit of Divine Love if roadblocks litter the way?

Recent research is revealing the church life accepted and expected of us in the past isn’t working today. Life evolves, our journeys must evolve along with it. If ritual is where it’s at, go for it. If it doesn’t cut it, move on, find what does work….. 

1 comment on “Finding the Journey…..

  1. Thank you so much! Keep reading and may your path be blessed!


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