Bridging the Divided

What If…..?

What if God donned the clothing of humanity to help us get it right, and by ‘right’ I mean the journey through life? What if the reason Yeshua (Jesus) hung on the cross was that He was so outside the box of the religious norm the religious leaders decided to stop Him before His teachings took root and they lost control?

For a time after I left religion, I threw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak. It was hard to separate God from religious doctrine and the Bible as taught from the pulpit. It’s a radical statement, but I do not believe God ever intended for there to be a ‘church’. Sure, gather, discuss, fellowship, learn, toss around thoughts and ideas, but understand no one person has all the answers; we are all in this thing called life together and are learning as we go. The free-will thing gets in the way, not that I disagree with humans having free-will, but let’s face it, free-will often leads some people to control or trying to control others. The spirit of God resides within all of us equally, in other words, the power to make our own decisions. The caveat is we are to use the spirit-power within to make our own decisions. Simply speaking, the religious leaders who have always been and always will be, decided to make decisions for others and people down through the centuries have let them, thus perpetuating religion.

How much of the Bible is accurate? I don’t know; it’s up to each of us to decide if we lean toward accepting all or some of the Bible as God’s Word.  Looking closely at the teachings of Yeshua (Jesus) I see directives and parables. For example, to the woman with the issue of blood Yeshua said, “Daughter, your trust has healed you. Go in peace, and be healed of your disease.” (Mark 5:34 The Complete Jewish Bible) Yeshua didn’t say the woman had said the right words, belonged to the right church, or had ‘enough’ faith; Yeshua said the trust, the faith she had at that moment had healed her. And, He said, “be healed of your disease”, another directive meaning the power was within her to accept healing as her reality.

Religion teaches us to look outside of ourselves and to others for the answers; spirituality teaches us to look within. We were born equipped to meet every challenge, overcome every obstacle. The stumbling block is choosing to believe all things are possible. Mark 9:23 (The Complete Jewish Bible) tells us Yeshua said just that; “Everything is possible to someone who has trust!” In this example, the person speaking with Yeshua didn’t quite get it so Yeshua went ahead and demonstrated. The common denominator to the ‘miracles’ in the Bible is trust; trusting we have the power within.

God donned the clothes of humanity to demonstrate the possible through trusting the spirit-power within, that much is pretty clear. How much of the Bible is true and how much is designed to manipulate? That is a question each of us answers for ourselves. Eventually, I decided to pick up the baby I had thrown out with the bathwater and look at God from a different perspective; from within…..

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