Bridging the Divided

Synchronicity: Opening The Mind To The Possible…..Part 2

Love never dies…..of this, I am convinced. All living creatures are an extension of Divine Love, present on the earth for a defined time. Life does not die, it only transitions to the spiritual plane, and sometimes we are witnesses to the intersection between the physical and spiritual planes.

I am not fully convinced any spirit reincarnates fully. I am more inclined to believe ‘walk-ins’ occur, sometimes known as ‘soul transference’. Walk-ins or soul transferences are the manifestation of the physical and spiritual world intersection. Far too many instances are on record for this phenomena to be pure happenstance or even mass hysteria. A metaphysical researcher and author exploring the possibility of animal reincarnation said the more she questioned the possibility the louder the synchronicities became. I have found in the pursuit of spiritual truth very often the answers become louder the more we try to ignore, or worse, disprove the truth. Throughout my life, I have walked with one foot in the spiritual realm and one in the physical searching for answers, wanting to understand, but there were some things too “out there” even for me post-Christianity; reincarnation, and animal reincarnation, specifically, was one of them until the synchronicities started to pile up.

The next synchronistic event occurred when one of my daughters wanted to go to the Humane Society and look for a puppy. In one of the cages, we found a tiny three-month-old chihuahua. He was terrified, shaking and shivering as far back in the corner as he could get. We coaxed him to the front, but he was so skittish it brought tears to our eyes. Posted on the opposite wall was the info the Humane Society had on him. He had been born in April and was found on the very street Harley had been killed. I stood there reading the card, stunned. What were the odds? Born the same month we lost Harley, and found on the same street she died. We live in a big city, well over a half-million people with lots of streets, it wasn’t like we were in my hometown of three-thousand. And, whether I believe in the possibility of reincarnation or not, I do not believe in coincidence. My daughter wanted to think about it for a bit, so we walked out to the parking lot. Before we left the cage we talked to him and promised him we would be back. There was something very familiar about him we saw right away, something in his eyes. She decided the little guy would join our family and made the arrangements.

He has convinced me walk-ins are real, and I am more inclined toward walk-ins than full-on reincarnation. The spirit world is not confined by earthly ‘rules’, human belief or disbelief. I have heard spiritual teachers say on more than one occasion children and animals have no problem with matters of the spirit because no one has told them it isn’t possible. Makes sense. My daughter’s little guy is as sweet as the day is long, friendly to most everyone, but has always had an affinity for me beyond just being another animal in our home. Harley and I had a very close connection, a soul connection really. Soul connections are not severed because of the death of the earthly vessel. I believe Harley walks-in frequently through the spirit of the little chihuahua found on the same street where she left us. Certain mannerisms, the look in his eyes, the adoration from his dog-spirit is too much to overlook, and it is not because I am looking for it; I assure you I am not. I am now familiar with the almost imperceptible change when Harley walks-in to pay us a visit. At times I have just spoken Harley’s name and the little chihuahua stops and looks me in the eye and the soul connection I had with Harley is present.

In September we purchased a Yorkie puppy from the woman who randomly, or not so randomly, came up on my husband’s Facebook page a few days after we lost Harley. Normally, we would never pick a family companion over the internet, but this woman is amazing and raises amazing dogs. They are so well socialized, beautiful inside and out. She sent pictures and videos until we picked our little one up. I kept an open mind, although it was very difficult for me. I felt like we were ‘replacing’ Harley and that was not possible. There will never be another Harley.  

Our little one will be a year old this month. Her name means “resurrection”. Do I believe Harley was resurrected through our new little one? No, but I do believe Harley does her walk-ins here and there.  No one can ever replace Harley, but this little doe-eyed furball has stolen our hearts.

Animal reincarnation, is it possible? I believe anything is possible. When something feels familiar, it may very well be a visitation because love never dies…..

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