Bridging the Divided

Synchronicity: Opening The Mind To The Possible…..Part 1

It is no secret I am crazy about dogs. I love all animals, really, but have a particular affinity for dogs and cats as evidenced by the growing population of dogs plus a couple of cats in our home.

Losing Harley at the hands of a groomer’s negligence opened up a whole different level of spiritual questions and insight. The synchronicities and events evident during the time we were searching for Harley and the days and months following were mind-blowing. Synchronicities, coined by psychologist Carl Jung, are meaningful coincidences; seemingly unrelated events when viewed as a whole fit together like pieces of a puzzle. The cardinal showing up and connecting with me not long before we found Harley, for one.

Another intriguing, and startling example occurred a couple of days later. Our dresser sits on the wall opposite the end of our bed. When I got ready for work in the mornings Harley would curl up on my robe and watch me go about dressing. That particular morning my robe was on the end of the bed as usual, albeit not with Harley curled up in the center of it, or so I thought. I was putting on my socks and lost my balance a bit and stuck out my hand to catch myself. My hand landed on the center of the robe. The area where Harley often curled up was warm. Caught off guard I pulled my hand away, touched the area again; sure enough, it was still warm. Nothing else in the immediate area was warm and none of the other animals had been on the robe. I checked to see if the electric blanket was on; it wasn’t. I called out to my husband who was getting out of the shower. I didn’t tell him what I had felt, just asked him to touch the center of the robe and tell me what he felt. He confirmed it was warm. Phew, I wasn’t delusional, but what were we feeling? We looked at one another and said, “Harley is here”. The area stayed warm for several minutes and then cooled.

In many cultures, it is believed the spirits of those who have passed on hang around the living for up to ten days after transitioning. Days after my former mother-in-law passed I caught a glimpse of her sitting in our living room where she always sat when alive. It startled me, but at the same time, I was comforted. I hadn’t thought much about that visitation until the morning we felt the warm area on my robe. Synchronicity. The spirit world was intersecting with my physical world a second time.

In the days following Harley’s death, one of my daughter’s was telling me about animal reincarnation. Raised a Christian, reincarnation was a taboo subject, but since leaving religion I was open to other possibilities normally off-limits in the Christian religion.  Not completely on-board with reincarnation, which I thought of as recycling spirits, research was convincing me there might be something to the possibility, so true to my nature I started exploring animal reincarnation. Surprisingly, there was quite a lot of info about animal reincarnation. The articles and info I found weren’t from whack-a-doodles, many were from credentialed people in the field of the spirituality and animal psychology. Not only was animal reincarnation possible, it apparently happened frequently. I decided to remain open and watchful.

Synchronicity is an interesting phenomena. In the early morning hours a couple of days after Harley left us, I was up and my husband was still sleeping. For some reason he woke up and checked his phone. Facebook was on the screen and the first post on his page was about a woman who bred Yorkies and a video of some of her little ones happily playing. My husband got up and came out to the living room and said he wasn’t sure what just happened but he believed we needed to consider getting another puppy and we were supposed to get it from this woman. I told him I didn’t want to see the post, nor did I want to consider another puppy, the wound was still far too fresh. He kissed me and asked me to keep an open mind. He contacted the woman, told her a bit of our story and stayed in touch.

Synchronistic events can occur at the most mundane and random times. While on my daily walk one late afternoon I looked up at the sky and saw the clearest cloud formation of a dog, and not any dog, a Yorkie. So clear was the cloud formation I stopped and watched it for several minutes til the wind erased the image. Several days later in the early morning hours while standing on the deck waiting for the puppies to do their chores a cardinal perched on the back fence. I smiled, appreciating the “when cardinals appear, angels are near” saying and suddenly the words, “find a name that means returning to me”  popped into my head from out of the blue. I told my husband and daughter about it and they agreed it was a sign Harley’s spirit was sending us messages. Could it be? The evidence was building but I was not ready.

In my nearly six decades of life I have learned keeping an open mind allows Divine Love, God, to journey with us in amazing ways. Stay tuned, there is more to the story…..

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