Bridging the Divided


Relationships. They come in all sizes, shapes, colors and flavors. Relationships with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, pets, grocery store clerks, the church family and pastors, even food. Relationships are the one thing we all have in common. Jesus talked about relationships quite a bit while He wore the clothes of humanity, sometimes in ways we don’t necessarily think of as relationships; like our relationship with healing, sin, fear, death, heaven and hell. And, each one of us is the common denominator in all of our relationships.

While we live on planet earth we learn about and start to develop relationships with others from the moment of conception and our schooling continues until we draw our last breath. Relationships are no small thing in the overall scheme of life. Some relationships are harder than others, more intimate, challenging, time-consuming, others are less so, easier to navigate. And, it only makes sense our closest relationships are the most challenging, and the most rewarding. General experience and observation has taught me family relationships top the list of intimate, rewarding, challenging and difficult relationships.

Why are some so much harder than others? Proximity? Differing or similar personalities? Personal belief systems? Ever notice how we relate to others changes with the people or things we are relating to at the moment? We tweak engaging with others on the fly. So subtle and adept are we at tweaking on the fly we aren’t even aware. Pretty crazy! And, therein is the secret to changing the stressful, challenging relationships we have with others; changing our view and approach to the relationship.

Communication is primary to all relationships. Communication is all about the messages we send; how the messages are sent and how they are received. Do we see people in our lives as extensions of Divine Love, or do we only see the challenges making the relationship difficult? Changing people is not within our power, but we can change how we relate to them. Very often simple changes in how we view others, and the the tone and words we choose make all the difference. Relationships transcend our earthly existence, they are truly the only thing we take with us as we transition from this life to the next…..

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