The Spirit of the Divine is Within All Living Creatures…..

Last week I talked about cardinals and the belief when cardinals appear, loved ones are near. On Monday of this week, one of my daughters snapped this picture of a cardinal sitting on the front entryway. I found it curious and comforting since we were honoring the loss of our precious Yorkie, Harley, who was taken from us far too soon due to the negligence and carelessness of a groomer on April 28, 2018. Synchronicity, just one more example. The post was read by hundreds of people. Many commented groomers cannot be trusted and spoke of similar experiences. I am humbled and thank each one of you for sharing the post. Laws must change; regulation and licensing must be initiated. Keep the conversation going.

Groomers are not licensed. Collectively, our voices can be heard and make a difference for furbabies everywhere. Petitions abound, but the reality is PetSmart and other big box stores with in-house grooming services carry a lot of weight with legislators because of their deep pockets. As with many issues, caring for others takes a backseat to the almighty dollar. What can be done?

  • Every pet owner can write or call their legislators to introduce and support bills to regulate the grooming industry
  • Pet owners who utilize grooming services can drop in unexpectedly to see how their pet is being handled or watch through the windows in the big box store groomers. (Unfortunately, the dryers are behind the scenes and customers are not allowed in the back)
  • Pet owners can boycott the big box store groomers and the big box pet stores in general

We have three (3) Yorkies now; Harley’s sister and littermate (they grew up together in our home), my husband’s parents Yorkie, and we adopted a new Yorkie puppy. We also have a rescue, and our son and daughters have rescue animals. We have spent hundreds of dollars in the grooming salon, buy hundreds of dollars of dog food, toys, and supplies to care for our animals, not to mention the amount of money spent in veterinary costs. We are not unusual; pet owners love their animals and care for them as if they were their children. The pet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry – that’s with a “B”. Think about it for a moment; billions of dollars are spent on pets in this country annually, and yet the voices of those whose pets have been injured or lost their lives due to the negligence of groomers are not being heard.

To add insult to injury, in most states companion animals are considered personal property leaving a grieving animal owner without recourse when their animals are injured or worse while in the care of pet service businesses. Animals are not personal property, and I find it highly offensive others believe them as such. In Genesis 1:30 God said, “And to every wild animal, bird in the air and creature crawling on the earth, in which there is a living soul…” Although I view the Bible as mostly allegory, I believe in a Creator God, the Divine Source of the universe and all that is within it. As one person commented after reading my blog, “after all, dog is God spelled backward.” Some may find that statement sacrilegious; I believe it spot-on. Dogs said to be man’s best friend, are the embodiment of characteristics used to describe God; patient, forgiving, loving, loyal, accepting, tolerant. All living things are God-breathed and therefore are not personal property.

We hear about animal cruelty all of the time. Cruelty is not just about puppy mills, using animals as bait for fighting, or horrendous acts of abuse perpetrated on the innocent for fun or sport. Taking money from pet owners for services and neglecting to ensure the safety of our animals while in the care of the service providers is cruel, too. Personally, I don’t know what kind of person can look an animal in the eyes and choose to commit acts of evil toward them, intentionally or through acts of neglect.  I look into the eyes of animals and see God. The Spirit of the Divine is in all living creatures…..

I am asking everyone who reads this post to share it on Facebook or send it to a friend. Pet owners are in the majority, we need to have our voices heard and laws enacted or changed. Take a moment and call or write your state legislators, insist on the regulation of the grooming industry and take archaic laws declaring companion animals as personal property off the books! Together we can make a difference.

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