Bridging the Divided

The Choice is Ours…..

Everything begins with a thought.

A blank sheet of paper, a canvas without a picture, a song without a melody; writers, artists, and musicians all face the emptiness before the creation. God did too, so we are in good company. We can deliberately fashion a creative piece, or haphazardly throw paint on a canvas, strum discordant notes or type jibberish and call them songs and stories. The choice is ours. And so it is with our lives.

As I transitioned from religion to seek a spiritual path apart from the church, I studied, listened, and soul-searched piecing together the puzzle of what resonated and what did not. In some ways, the search never ends because we are always learning, always growing on our journeys. Our journeys change with us as we learn and grow, deepening our understanding.

For quite some time I studied the collective consciousness known as “Abraham”. Creating reality is their primary topic. The basis of all of Abraham’s teaching is the Law of Attraction, and the law makes perfect sense. We can walk through life without any particular spiritual knowledge whatsoever and experience or see the evidence of the Law of Attraction every day. If we believe we are undeserving of good in life, our lives will reflect our thoughts and words and vice versa. The essence of all Abraham or anyone else teaching the Law of Attraction is what we give our emotional energy to we will get back from the Universe.

I listened to countless broadcasts and read books to educate myself on how this law worked. It seemed easy enough. Curiously, many of the conference participants on the broadcasts I listened to sought Abraham’s counsel as to why they had attended to every jot and tittle and had not seen results. (Fun fact: jot and tittle is a Biblical phrase. A jot is the smallest letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and a tittle is a pen stroke. The Bible refers to Jesus saying the heavens and earth would not pass away until every little detail of the law – jot and tittle – is fulfilled) The conference attendees were frustrated, believed they had followed all of Abraham’s instruction to the letter with nothing to show for it. Where had they screwed up? I listened intently, I surely did not want to miss a jot and tittle along the way. Abraham always had an answer, and it was beginning to sound as if there was just one additional step remaining, then another, oops then one more. The same feeling I had when I was firmly held in the grip of organized religion all those years.

Is Abraham wrong? Esther Hicks a charlatan? Some may think as much but I don’t believe so. Abraham is channeled through a human being. I know that sounds bizarre, but let’s face, just because we don’t understand something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  Everything we take for granted today began with an idea in someone’s head. At one time walking on the moon sounded like the stuff of science fiction novels and beyond bizarre. I watched the first moon landing, the first steps on the moon’s surface and now it is commonplace. Anyway, I do believe we get in the way sometimes. Humans think we need to have an answer for everything, and maybe that’s where Esther seeps through. I also think humans make everything harder than it needs to be. Not everything in life is a calculus equation. And, maybe those who find it more difficult to create the realities they desire are traveling a different path than you or I. So is there a one-size-fits-all answer to creating our realities? I think not.

At first blush, the Law of Attraction felt awkward, new-agey, and out there, spiritually speaking. Vision boards, affirmations, raising our vibrations, creating realities were, for the most part, foreign to me. We tend to attach a whole new language to concepts and theories; makes it seem unique, I guess. Speaking in plain terms, when we direct our emotional energies toward an outcome we are more than likely going to get it. In the jargon of the church, we call directing energies toward the outcome we want faith. Ahhh, a term we are all familiar with!

For a moment, let’s put any concepts aside we might not fully agree with or understand and at least agree our thoughts and words are powerful enough to give direction to our lives. Jesus said it, Paul said it, James said it, Hinduism teaches it, psychology teaches it, and so do countless modern philosophers in one way or another. In its simplest form, we can start out a day on a bad note, expect it to continue its downward spiral, and will experience the evidence of the expectation throughout the day. Likewise, if one believes their life to be blessed, their life will provide the evidence as well. Is the law 100%? Yes, but our execution of it certainly is not. We live in an imperfect world and are imperfect beings. But, overall we see the evidence of where we direct our emotional energy.

Going even farther back than Jesus, in the opening book of the Bible, Genesis, we are witness to God creating the universe and everything within it from thought and word. “God said” is right there in black and white for all to read. As extensions of God, we have access to the power of thought and word that created the universe. When Adam and Eve ate of the fruit, as the story goes, God cursed Adam so from then on mankind would toil by the sweat of their brow. What does this mean? How were Adam and Eve provided for prior to that fateful moment? Some of the less traditional churches I attended taught all Adam had to do was think of something he wanted or needed and it manifested. In other words, Adam and Eve provided for themselves as extensions of the Divine and the creative power within through thought and word.

In my mind, this is the creation story and the essence of what we were to take away from its telling. So how did we go from the Garden of Eden paradise to the work-a-day world we live in? We have been subdued by fear, by the notion that we are sinful beings who are worthy of punishment were it not for the benevolence of God. We can choose to believe we are deserving of punishment for being human, or we can choose to believe the wisdom of the Universe resides within and our access is unlimited. The choice is ours…..

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