The Essense of Christmas…..

And so we stand on the precipice of Christmas celebrations around the world; silent night, holy night, peace and goodwill to all mankind, and gather round the manger to look into the face of God. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the celebration of the holy night did bring peace to the world, goodwill to mankind? Wouldn’t it be grand if staring into the face of God filled man’s spirit with love for all that has been created?  In the blink of an eye, the world would forever be changed if we turned from the manger scene and walked into the world and shined love’s light on all that is dark within. Historians and theologians cannot prove a virgin birth, or if there truly was no room at the inn, or if the three wise men from the orient were astrologers or astronomers. Christmas is about staring into the face of God and being awakened to the reality of who we are; extensions of Divine love. This is the essence of Christmas.

What if everyone woke on Christmas morning knowing they were an extension of Divine love? There would be no more war, no terrorism, no murders, no more cancer, suicide, or death that comes far too early, no more elderly tucked away out-of-sight-out-of-mind, no more abused families, no animals would die from neglect or cruelty. We would no longer define people by color, race, religion, ability or lack thereof, weight, or sexual orientation. No more children would go to bed bellies swollen with hunger or suffer bullying while adults turn a blind eye. Streets around the world would no longer be home to the homeless. All would be equal and loved equally, not because of what they looked like or where they worked, how much money they earned, or how much power they wielded. The scales of justice forever balanced. This is the essence of Christmas.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if gazing into the face of God awakened all spirits clothed in the flesh of man to the reality of their worth, value, and potential? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we woke each morning with gratitude on our lips? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every man, woman, and child looked in the mirror and truly loved the reflection staring back? This is the essence of Christmas.

Christmas has become a celebration of greed at its core, and yet the story many of us gather in churches to hear is a story of overcoming obstacles with love, gratitude for the smallest blessing, and believing God so loved the world. We become one sitting in church pews passing the flame of the solemn candlelight service to kindred, young and old, and in the end, we are all kin, one with another. The idea is to leave the church and walk into a world darkened by fear and share the light of Divine love. This is the essence of Christmas.

The essence of Christmas is the realization Divine love exists in all who draw breath and the acknowledgment we are each uniquely created beings. No one is here by accident or happenstance, all have a purpose. Our spirits contain the wisdom of the universe, and each of us is capable of creating reality from the love and gratitude within.

As a politically aware and correct society, many have taken offense at the Nativity and led the charge for its removal. The reality is the Nativity belongs to all of us despite the varying ways we choose to journey with God. The essence of Christmas is not about a particular brand of church, religious practice, or doctrinal belief. The essence of Christmas is the expression of Divine love wrapped in the flesh of humanity born into the earth to lead the way to spiritual awakening by shining love’s light into the heart of all who will receive…..

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