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Once Upon A Time…..

What is your story? Each of us has a story we are writing about ourselves whether we are aware of it or not. The story is in the thoughts we think and the words we speak. Our stories can be ones of success, failure, a combination, but they are never stagnant; our stories are ever changing.

The stories we write for ourselves are separate from our journeys. Our journeys are the paths we take to spiritual enlightenment, and spiritual enlightenment is no more than the awareness of who we are, in other words, the discovery we are more than flesh and bone, our purpose higher than getting up and going to work every day, paying bills, and accumulating things. We are living breathing sparks from the Eternal Flame, we are spirit wrapped in the flesh of humankind for the purpose of learning who we were created to be. Whether or not we choose to pursue a spiritual journey is part of our story, as is how we choose to set about on the journey. There is no wrong or right journey, no wrong or right way to go about it; there is only a journey. What we learn on our journey helps shape our story; they are interconnected.

Do you like your story? The cool thing about writing our own stories is that we can edit what we don’t like about them. We aren’t ‘stuck’, so to speak, destined to live out the story others started writing for us. Were you raised to believe others were better than you, more deserving of the good life, some are born to be rich, others are the poor working stiffs who make the rich richer? Were you raised in a religious system where there are more questions than answers, a system that does not resonate within? Were you the fat kid, the dumb kid, the cool kid, the geeky kid, the kid most likely to end up in jail? Has your life taken twists and turns you had not intended, or did you make poor quality decisions, decisions that led to actions you aren’t proud to claim? First, let’s all take a collective deep breath. We have all been unfairly judged at one time or another, misunderstood, ignored, neglected, we have walked roads we would rather forget, and have done things we now find blush-worthy. At least in this way, none of us are unique.

Editing our story requires change; we need to do things differently, think differently, speak differently. We are back at the co-creating thing, again. The co-creating thing is primary to everything in our lives as spirits living in bodies. We are always creating whether we mean to or not, intentionally or unintentionally. Once I wrapped my head around that principle I was able to begin living life on purpose.

Think about the last book you read. Do people actually pick up books and read them anymore? I refuse to get one of those electronic things to download books, although I am considering publishing my book as an e-book. Sounds rather contradictory, right? Nah, I prefer to hold a book in my hands, turn pages, not just swipe through, but there are plenty of people out there who like the e-book and use their devices regularly. Play to the masses, as they say.  Call me a dinosaur, but there is just something about a book, a fireplace, and a hot cup of cocoa on a wintery afternoon. Anyway, a book has a beginning, a middle, and an end, and so do the stories we write for ourselves. One of the best things about being an author is that the stories we are writing can take whatever direction we choose. If we don’t like something, delete it, and take a different direction. Our lives operate much the same. Not possible, you say? Sorry to burst your bubble, but it is very possible. Changing the course of your story may take time, effort, and a great deal of soulsearching and change on your part, but it is most definitely doable, no matter your age or stage in life. As long as we take in breath, there is opportunity.

Our stories are eternal, too. I don’t believe we are a ‘one and done’. I do believe our spirits can live many lifetimes, and our purpose is continual growth. Disagree? There is more evidence of people living several lifetimes than not – you decide. So, we have the story we are writing for this human experience and the eternal story we are writing for the collective lifetimes. The doctrines and teachings of western Christianity were so thoroughly ingrained in me it took a minute to wrap my mind around the possibility of other lifetimes. And here’s the thing, while we are on the subject; one of the things I love most about a spiritual journey is learning from others and then determining what resonates with me. Not everything will, nor is it meant to. We are all at different places on our journeys, start at different places than others, end at different places, and all the while learning what is pertinent to our individual journeys. I believe spiritual journeys are compilations of the many different teachings and collective wisdom of those who have gone before us, and those who are here now. There is no one-size-fits-all journey, which is where I think Christianity took a wrong turn. A story for another day.

Take a moment to review the story you are writing for yourself. Do you like where it is going? If not, why? Are you tired of being the underdog, the victim, bullied, poverty-stricken, tired of the daily run on the seemingly purposeless gerbil wheel of life? Backspace, backspace, backspace, or delete a whole paragraph, start the chapter over, the story is yours to write. The first step in your rewrite is to review the words and thoughts running through your brain on a minute-by-minute, day-by-day basis. What is the predominant theme of your thought life? Next step; start to speak love affirmations about yourself. I know that sounds weird, too simple, or just plain stupid, but trust me on this, we must love ourselves first and foremost before we can change our stories. Loving ourselves is neither conceited nor narcissistic. Caring for ourselves first empowers us to create and live our best story. Start talking to people about loving themselves. It is amazing how many people do not.

Life, our stories, ebb and flow, and we are the directors of its ebb and flow; passively or actively. Everything in life, to date, has shaped the people we are at this moment. Changing our thoughts and words and love affirmations are huge and powerful players in changing our stories. Gratitude also plays a significant role in changing our stories. We need to get ourselves into a place we can offer gratitude for the lessons we have been taught, the experiences we have had, both positive and negative. We do not need to love everything that has happened to us, only that the experiences taught us about ourselves and afforded us valuable life lessons. Nothing in life is a coincidence. It is no accident you are here, reading this blog, considering changing the course of your story. Awareness is unfolding around you. Welcome the awareness as a blessing from God to change the direction of the story you have been living into the story you choose to live. Be an active participant in your story; it belongs to you and no one else.

If you haven’t already, check out the “Bridging the Gap” facebook page. Leave a comment, share, and let me know how you are changing your life story…..


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