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Mirror, Mirror…..

I have spent the better part of my life believing I am undeserving of good in my life, and of course, this is at a core level. It is a ‘limiting belief’ because it keeps me stuck, running in a continuous circle on the gerbil wheel of life. I want off that wheel, but in order to be off the wheel, I am forced to get brutally honest with myself and ask why I believe I am undeserving. I could say because everything in my life has taught me that I am, in other words placing the blame on others for my circumstances at any given moment. The reality is I believe myself undeserving because I have chosen to accept that as my reality. So now that’s settled. Going forward, the question becomes, “how do I change the limiting belief?”

Changing anything usually involves some work on our part. Acknowledging and accepting the choice is the most difficult part, so once that has been accomplished, half the work is done. Acceptance is the hardest part because most of us want to push the blame off on others. Parents are usually an easy target, teachers, the boss, spouse, the neighbors, the grocery clerk; see how easy blaming others is?  Our personalities and how we approach life will have an impact on the process of change, but change is definitely doable for anyone.

For many of us, believing ourselves to be unworthy or undeserving is likely a result of our childhood environment. Whether we were told we were undeserving, or it was a perceived message really doesn’t matter; either way, we accepted the assessment of others, and for all intents and purposes, embraced the message. Everything from there on out cascaded into living the messages from the words we chose about self to our overall countenance. Some of us go so far as to avoid eye contact with others, display a stooped, almost protective posture, or engage very little with others, believing to the core our opinions don’t matter, we don’t have a right to speak up, and then feel invisible to the world at large. In no way is this the reality God wants any to live.

We all know people who seem to always rise to the top, success follows them around like a puppy dog, and life comes easily. We assume, and wrongly fully so, they are a product of an idyllic upbringing, everything handed to them on a silver platter. I don’t discount that may be true for some, but by and large, these people have chosen to believe themselves capable of accomplishing anything, obtaining anything, living life on their terms as opposed to embracing the judgmental opinions of others. And their lives reflect their decision. In other words, they overcame limiting beliefs.

The very foundation of co-creating our reality, the reality we want to live, is loving ourselves and embracing the fact we are loved as we are, at this moment, and every moment of our lives. God, Divine Source, Higher Self, whatever your name for Eternal Energy, loves, period. For most of us, this is probably the hardest concept to accept and live out. We cannot be ushered into the lives we envision for ourselves on the coattails of others; we are solely responsible to accept our worthiness and to love self. If everyone in your life circle tells you-you are loved, but you choose to believe otherwise, don’t expect the life you desire to manifest. I am in the process of this work now. Believe me, it is no cakewalk.

Humans are interesting beings. Most of us are willing to accept negative thoughts about ourselves without question, but not positive thoughts. A negative opinion hurled at us by another can have a devastating impact on our self-esteem and set us up for the slippery slide of self-doubt, but if someone tells us we are awesome, many of us blow it off. Why? We have been conditioned to believe thinking highly of ourselves is arrogant, or prideful, have we not? Try this exercise: stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself, “I accept you, you are worthy and I love you”. Honestly, assess how saying the words made you feel. Did you feel strange, weird, like you were lying? Probably. And that should speak volumes to you. Do this daily for about 30 days and then assess again. You will feel differently, the kind words spoken over self will have taken root, and the process of changing the limiting belief of unworthiness will begin to unfold. No announcement need be made to others, this exercise is done in the privacy of your bathroom or bedroom, just you, a mirror, and God reflecting love back to you; love you are deserving of and were created to live within.

What are the limiting beliefs keeping you from living the reality you desire? Visit the Bridging the Divided Facebook page and leave a comment or share a story; empower others to overcome their limiting beliefs, or reach out for guidance from others. You are more than welcome to leave a comment or story on this page, as well. Our greatest strength is found in encouraging others to grow on their journey…..


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