God is real. God is more real to me today than when I was actively involved in church life. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? One of the differences between Christianity and pursuing a path of spirituality is in the approach to varying degrees of understanding. Biblically-based believers tend to vigorously defend their personal beliefs based on their own interpretations, or their pastor’s interpretations of scripture, whereas, the spiritual-seekers are willing to entertain new ideas, consider other possibilities, or disagree without bloodshed; literal or figurative. Giving latitude to journey with God in our own way and time frees us up to fully experience God. When we spend more time trying to convince others we are right and they are wrong we take the focus away from our journey; we miss the point.

I listen to a variety of spiritual teachers, read as often as I can on all manner of spiritual topics, kick ideas and thoughts around with others, and in so doing, I learn and grow. I don’t agree with everyone, and that’s okay. The journey is ours to walk with God. One of the things I  have noticed recently is the names we give to Source. Dependent upon our personal ideas and opinions we may refer to Source as God, or the Divine, the Universe. I’ve heard God called all of these. Humans have a need to name and define everything; decide where any given ‘thing’ fits into our paradigm. I don’t believe any name is ‘wrong’ or ‘right’. A name only serves to identify something for us to make it possible to discuss the ‘thing’ with others. The name we give to God, is in part, related to our interpretation of who or what God ‘is’. Some consider God our higher self, others an entity outside of and apart from ourselves, perhaps even an alien life force, and some the source of all within the universe – the origin, or Creator, if you will.

When I began my spiritual journey apart from organized religion God was at the center, but somewhat ill-defined. As I learned and grew in knowledge and understanding I was fine-tuning my description and interpretation of God. We are, in my mind, an extension of God; it is not necessary to look outside of self for answers. Spirit, or to some, Higher Self, is the contact point for communion with God whether God remains separate in our understanding, or is the Higher Self. I prefer to believe I am a part of God, in other words, God resides within me to serve as guide on my journey. I also use Source and the Divine interchangeably.

Some view the Universe as God. I do not. Perhaps it is my church upbringing, but I believe ‘Universe’ to be an entity separate from, yet a part of God. I think in terms of the Trinity. What I put out into the Universe, by virtue of universal law, comes back to me in response to thoughts; the Law of Attraction in action. In other words, what I put energy toward I attract back to myself complements of the Universe. The Universe makes no judgments regarding our thoughts. If I choose positive thoughts, positive energy of the same nature returns, and the reverse is true.

So what is the third person, or entity, of the Trinity? The voice of God we hear when we meditate or pray seeking truth. God is the purity of love, Wisdom is the voice, and the Universe provides the response. Each of us has a picture in our minds representing God. The picture helps us to sort out the complex into meaningful expression of God. Does it matter how we view God on our journey? I don’t believe it does because how we choose to view God is only a tool that helps us wrap our finite minds around the infinite; nothing more, nothing less. Our lives are not a one-size-fits-all existence; we experience this physical life through the eyes of experiences that have shaped and honed us into the incredible beings we are as we journey with God.  As they say, a rose by any other name…..

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