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Journey Anyone…..?

I want to say Happy Birthday to my twin girls!! Love you with all my heart and soul! You have both been an inspiration, a voice of wisdom, and most of all a friend. May your journey be full of love, happiness, abundance and a source of wisdom you will share with others!!

Journey. What comes to mind when you hear the word? By definition, it means to travel from one place to another. It can either be a noun or a verb, for those of you who are language nerds, like me. What about the word ‘trip’? Again, by definition, it can mean a short journey, the act of going somewhere and then returning, and there are several others including a hallucinatory experience because of a drug, a device that activates or disconnects something, taking a stumble or fall. The last one; I am quite familiar! A momentary digression. As a child, my mother took me to a doctor because I fell so often. His diagnosis? Quite technical; I was clumsy. Seems I haven’t improved much since those days. I can ‘trip’ over a piece of thread on the floor! Onward!

The difference between a trip and a journey is that a trip has a defined endpoint. I will be traveling to South Carolina soon and know when I will be going when I will have arrived and when I will be returning. For many trips, there is usually an agenda depending upon the type of trip taken. For instance, a vacation trip may include visits to popular sites of interest, restaurants, the beach, etc. Ahhh…the beach. I need a trip to the beach, but alas it is not in my immediate future. A journey, on the other hand, may or may not have a discernible beginning, middle or end. Our general journey in life definitely has a discernible beginning, but the other is left to the process. Our spiritual journey begins before birth and whether we realize it or not, we are each on a spiritual journey.

Each of us comes into this existence having left the Divine Flame, or God. We had a desire to learn and we chose the path to obtain the knowledge we sought. On the surface that sounds as if the journey was planned, much like a trip, but in reality, it was not. Beyond the decision to learn and choose a path the journey will unfold in its own way and time, largely based on our choices along the way. We are here to learn how we fit into the overall picture, our purpose, how to execute the purpose, and who we are spiritually. Additionally, we are likely in the throes of working through some residual karmic energy; some of us having more work than others!

For as long as I can remember I have been on a spiritual journey. At first, it involved going to church and Sunday School in the family church. Not content with what it had to offer, I moved on to the Christians getting “saved”, reciting the magic words, and such, when I was 19 years old. It was okay for a while, I was learning new things and enjoying the opportunity to have made a choice as an adult. One gets over that quickly! As life unfolded, abuse was an everyday reality, then children, more abuse, this time to involve the kids and animals, and before I knew it, the kids were grown, I divorced and did what I could to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. The spiritual journey took a back seat. After I caught my breath and realized life was going to go on, the spiritual journey, or I should say time to pursue the spiritual journey, rose to the surface once again.

For a moment I tried to jump back into the church box, I truly did. Church was what I knew, and even though it was no more comfortable than before, it was still familiar territory. But something was missing, or maybe not making sense. Have you ever noticed as life unfolds opportunities arise from seemingly nowhere and pretty soon you find yourself traveling down a road you hadn’t anticipated? For me, that meant New Age philosophy. And there again, I really do not like that moniker! There are bad connotations associated with it, just like there are with Christianity. So, I decided I would refer to the pursuit of knowledge outside the church as a spiritual journey. It isn’t original by any means but served its purpose nonetheless.

The more I learn, the more I realize regardless of what label we attach to ourselves, we are all after the same thing, traveling toward the same goal; to find our place, to draw closer to the Divine, to understand our purpose individually and collectively. So why is there so much dissension, criticizing, jockeying for the ‘right’ position? The answer isn’t easy, but in a nutshell, humans are competitive beings, we like to be ‘right’; our egos pout when others challenge our ideologies regardless of what they may be. Let the games begin!

We also like to be in the company of others of like belief. The more, the merrier. People of like mind validate one another, just in case we are unsure of our personal beliefs we have others around us who can nod their heads in agreement. It’s easier to feel validated by the presence of others than it is to explain our beliefs. In general, humans like to travel the path of least resistance. We are ‘sheepole” in other words!

Journey’s being what they are, undefined, they are left wide open for individual interpretation. We don’t like that, either. It is far easier for someone to tell us what to believe than walk our own path and sort through what resonates and what does not. The older I get the more I realize the road less traveled truly is a sparsely populated path! It was so much easier to just state, “I am a Christian” because others will interpret that to mean whatever they choose for it to mean, smile, and move on. To identify as a “Christian” is familiar; we associate the label with one of the name brand camps and most have an idea what the tenets and doctrines of a given brand of church are so few questions, if any, will be asked. Try to say one is a ‘spiritual seeker’ or, God forbid, a ‘New Ager’ and one will have a front row seat to watch the eyebrows rise to the hairline, the look of disbelief and disappoint on the faces of others, the ‘tsk, tsk’ shake of the head and the reminder that one has opted to board the hell-bound express. I’m serious! “Lucy, you have some ‘splainin to do” in the words of Ricky Ricardo, for those of you old enough to have any idea who I am talking about! If you’re clueless, google it.

So, my point is, this is your journey. Don’t let others define it for you. You are here for purpose, to learn, to draw closer to the Divine, it is okay to journey on the road less traveled. When we are on our path we will know it in our gut, the path will feel ‘right’. Do I subscribe to anything goes? No, I do not. Why? Because anything does not ‘go’ if it hurts others, hinders their journey, or willfully goes against our innate moral compass, and we have one.

Where do you fit in? What is your purpose? Don’t know yet? Maybe it’s time to start your journey…..

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