Who are you? Can you describe yourself without a description of what you do? Is your description mostly positive or negative?

Recently, I heard a speaker say the two most powerful words in the universe are “I am”. Wow, that hit me like a bolt of lightning! God described Himself as “I Am”, or more accurately, “I Am Who I Am”, when Moses asked the voice within the burning bush to identify itself. God’s description of Himself is infinite, having no beginning and no end. Again, I’m a little sketchy on the ‘burning bush’ thing since I believe we need to look for the message vs. stand in awe of the ‘magical’. In other words, the point was not that God showed up in a bush; rather the message is “I Am” and we are an extension of the “I Am”. In keeping with the story, God was sending Moses to Pharaoh as an extension of I AM with “the buck stops here message”. When Pharaoh saw Moses he was seeing I Am.

So, give this exercise a try: start the sentence “I am….” and fill in the blanks. I will go first; I am…..a mother, a daughter, a niece, a sister, a friend, a wife, a nurse, a writer…….” Notice I have said nothing about “who” I am, only what my relationship is to others and what I do. And, most of us would approach this exercise in the same way. It’s easy to list the things we ‘do’, but it’s not as easy to list who we ‘are’. Here I go: I am caring, intelligent, resilient, talented, honest……and I’m running out of adjectives! Anything I write down sounds arrogant, in my mind, like I’m bragging, and who likes a braggart? Do I truly believe I am these things? To a degree, but I choke on unequivocally saying I am intelligent or talented because there are others far more intelligent and talented than I. But, that isn’t the point! We needn’t compare ourselves to others!! Am I honest? Certainly, but there have been times in my life I haven’t always been to avoid hurting another person. At times I haven’t spoken truthfully to avoid a fight, a confrontation, or trouble. Surely, I am not the only one who has ever done that?  I am also scared at times, vulnerable, distant….” We are all a magnificent contrast of character traits and emotions.

When I talk with people I listen carefully to their word selection as they speak about themselves. Being empathic, (everyone is – develop the gift!)  it is fairly easy for me to get a feel for whether their word selections are contrived for my benefit, or how they truly see themselves. People who believe themselves to be the victim of circumstance, the underdog, looked down upon, and what have you, use negative terminology. Bringing this back to the fact that we are a spark from the original flame, energy clothed in humanity originating from God, using negative terminology regarding self is akin to criticizing God, is it not? Moving a step forward, our words, whether we mean for them to or not, are creating our reality. To say, “I am poor, I am always broke, I am ugly, I am misunderstood by others, I am too old to learn new things”, etc. is a reflection of how you believe God perceives you. Worse, if there is a worse; words bear fruit. The more we think and says things like these, the more we will bear the fruit of those words.

The church has a similar message; I know because I have heard it so many times in the past! Having exited the church the message is still being taught from the spiritually in tune crowd! See we are not so very far apart in our beliefs, are we? Truth is truth regardless of who is telling it. For strict adherents to scripture, the Bible says in Proverbs 18:21, “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” (New International Version) Said another way, we will get what we say. The scripture says the power of life and death is in our words; words that are positive, full of life energy, will bear life-giving fruit, and the opposite would be true. The Universe, Source, God, or whatever you choose to call the Divine, makes no judgments, contrary to church teaching. Speaking largely negative words will result in largely negative outcomes whereas speaking largely positive words will result in largely positive outcomes. Repeat after me; we are all human beings at the end of the day and are allowed to make mistakes. Now, we don’t want to get all caught up in obsessive-compulsive behavior and become superstitious about the words we speak. If you tend toward the negative in word choice, when you listen and catch those words being released into the atmosphere, change course! “I live and breath and move within the positive energy of the Divine”. Louise Hay said it well, “The Universe loves me!” I agree, and I add, “ and I love the Universe”.

I take being an extension of the Divine flame and creating the reality I choose to live in seriously, and have spent a fair amount of time studying what that means. Is it easy to change our realities if we don’t like where we find ourselves? The answer is simple – the answer is “yes, and no”. The positive first; yes, because we have the ability and the right to choose what our reality will include. If I want to change course in life I can choose to do just that. It may not be easy, but I can choose to change course. And now for the ‘no’. If over the course of our lifetimes our words have been largely negative, critical, judgmental, and just plain unkind toward self and others, we are in the flow of the reality we created. A decision to change course is the first step to a more positive reality, but just like it took some time to get in the flow of a negative reality, so too, it will take a period of time to get into the flow of a positive reality. The good news is when we stick to the decision to create a positive reality it will manifest. In fact, as soon as you spoke the words of change the Universe, or if you prefer, God, answered, but the new reality is being met with resistance to change; more about that in another blog!  

Right now, take a moment and reflect on your words, where you are in life, where you want to be, and why you aren’t there. The next step is action. What do you need to do to create a new reality, a more positive reality? Trust me, the answer is already inside of you. Let the answer speak your new truth…..     

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  1. This is beautiful. Well done, sister.🤗


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