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Dr. Chopra, Netflix, and Me…..

Hello, my name is Suzanne and I am addicted to Netflix. There, I said it. Lately, my addiction is documentaries, and Netflix has quite the variety. Today, I chose Decoding Deepak, obviously about Deepak Chopra, one of the leading spiritual gurus. This documentary was filmed by his son, Gotham, from his perspective having Deepak as a father. Gotham, as a child, was being groomed as the next ‘guru’ in line for the spiritual dynasty. Disillusioned somewhere along the way, he chose instead to pursue jouralism. Interesting. And, of course, we find out Deepak is not spiritual 100% of the time. Who would have thought?!

Through the eyes of Gotham, we meet a man who, I believe, is seeking his highest good and wants the same for others, but at the same time “cannot stop talking”, according to Gotham, and is so heavenly-minded he seems unconcerned, and unrealistic, as the world circles the drain, so to speak. But, he is human. We are all human; spirits, having a human experience. In truth, it was a good documentary. His son basically described his father as “obsessed with being relevant”, detached, focused on the importance of creature comforts, his blackberry, where his latest book fell on the bestseller list; self-absorbed comes to mind. Part of the film was their journey to Thailand for the purpose of ordination as a Buddhist monk. Exchanging his 5-star hotel with all its posh trappings for the humble abode of a monk-to-be proved a bit unnerving for the ‘guru’, but he rose to the challenge.

My take-away was the necessity of being ‘real’, not allowing anyone to put us on a pedestal. At the end of the day, no matter how ‘spiritual’ we may seem to others, we all still share the experience of ‘humanness’. We mess up, inadvertantly say the wrong things at the wrong time, and sometimes not so inadvertantly. We hurt, cry, laugh, love, and most of us try to do the best we can in the circumstances we find ourselves. But, is ‘trying’ the purpose of our lives, or is be-ing?

It is in the be-ing we become our truest self. Be-ing mindful of every moment, be-ing present, be-ing one with the Divine and grounded within the earth at the same time. There is balance in be-ing, but some of us try too hard to project the image we are better than we truly are. For what purpose? To get one-up on the competition? The world is dog-eat-dog, is it not? The reality is the only competition we have is ourselves. We cannot compare our journey to the journey of another. Our journey is unique to who we are at this moment. Focusing on trying to be like another diverts our energy to the pursuit of the unattainable. Focusing on bei-ing a better ‘me’ raises our vibrational freqency, in the words of the super-spiritual; said another way, raises our awareness of self and our purpose within the whole. All is related within the universe, within the Divine, within God. Each spark leaving the flame to experience humanness belongs to other sparks doing the same, and yet remains a separate spark with a unique purpose to bring to the whole. Society has made Deepak a household name, a spiritual teacher of ‘guru-ic’ proportion, but we still need to remember he is just one of us working on be-ing.

Dr. Chopra said he didn’t care much for the New Age movement because New Agers seem to seek the paranormal rather than truth. I would say that is fairly accurate, and I would agree. We miss the supernatural running after the paranormal. Too many spiritually-minded people are too interested in mediums, psychics, quasi-worship of crystals and other tools of spirituality. I have nothing against mediums, psychics, crystals, angel communication, or any other tool we may use to enhance our journey, increase our knowledge, and get us more in tune with the Divine, but all of these things are just that; tools. Do you worship a hammer, or do you use it to attain a higher purpose, like fixing a broken chair? Perspective is everything. The supernatural is often very subtle, and it is through our awareness of the Divine we tap into the supernatural. Quiet meditation along the ocean shoreline isn’t as interesting, perhaps, as hanging out with a medium and chatting with a loved one who has moved on, but the time spent with God enhances our journey far more.

So, I guess we can say Dr. Chopra is a ‘god’ and guru to some, to others an example of perseverence and spiritual pursuit, and to one, a dad. In the end Gotham’s perspective of his dad changed. He was more than a god with clay feet. Sometimes it takes looking from a different angle to see what has been missed in the past…..

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