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Duality, Vibrational Frequencies, Quantum Physics, and Jesus…..

We live in a world of duality, a world of opposites. Duality is necessary to give us perspective. Onesness, or awareness is the concept of non-duality; everything is one, originated from one. Many spiritual teachers teach duality is an illusion, that onesness or awareness is the only reality, but I can’t quite buy that. We need both, and the world is slowing awakening to the reality both are needed and necessary for the journey.

I subscribe to the keep-it-simple-stupid school of thought. Humans tend to complicate everything, and I, for one, firmly believe the more complicated and convoluted something becomes, the more chaos is introduced. Duality is simply opposing concepts. In order to understand light we must have dark, and the list is endless. We need wet to understand dry, up to understand down, chaos to understand order, male to understand female. Oh wait, we cannot include the male/female duality; too complicated!

The process of learning requires duality. Throughout life we are confronted with opposing concepts.  We will interpret every situation in our lives and journey as either a catalyst or an impediment. Catalysts effect change; impediments block change. Said another way, we view every situation as an opportunity or a roadblock. Is the glass half empty or half full? From our interpretation of any situation our reality is created.

In the world of spirituality the phrase ‘creating our own reality’ is frequently tossed around. But, what does it mean? What it doesn’t mean is if I believe I am a millionaire, I will become a millionaire. This is what many think of as the “law of attraction’. I am not discounting the fact like attracts like, positive thoughts, words, and actions create more positive outcomes, but there is a bit more to it than this. We do, however, create the reality we live in daily through our thoughts, words and actions; the glass half full or half empty thing. Being an avid observer of the human species, one cannot ignore the power of thought, word, and deed. If I choose to think negative thoughts about self, others, the world, my personal situation, and so on, the negative thoughts will spill out of my mouth. It won’t be long, once the words start to spill, actions will follow; more accurately, I will subconsciously sabotage any possible positive outcomes. I have seen this truth play out over and over in my lifetime, so many times, there is no way to ignore it. Conversely, thinking, speaking, and acting positively will result in more positive outcomes. It’s really not complicated, nor magical in any way. Voila, either way, reality created! Do you want to be a millionaire? How you approach the possibility will, in large part, determine the outcome. Successful people, and yes millionaires, see solutions instead of problems, the silver lining within the storm cloud, and persevere despite setbacks until the reality they have chosen to create is the reality.

Jesus said much the same, as recorded in the Bible, when He said, “as you have believed, so will it be done for you.” (Matthew 8:13 Berean Study Bible), and “Daughter, your faith has healed you”. (Luke 8:48 Common English Bible). The verse in Matthew, in my view anyway, speaks to a higher level of reality creation, than does the Luke passage. But, hey, we all need to start somewhere, right? We cannot run the marathon before we have taken the baby steps. There are so many variations of this one concept of creating our own reality. We heard it preached and read books on the power of positive thinking, now we use the buzz words, ‘’creating our own reality’. From whatever angle one chooses to view the concept, we create our own reality.

Taking the concept of creating our own reality even deeper, science has proven at the most basic level everything is energy and maintains a vibrational frequency, including our thoughts and emotions. Atoms change their states, and in so doing emit or absorb electromagnetic frequencies responsible for the change. As a creation of energy in human form we do the same. Scientists have proven the heart emits its own electromagnetic frequency that changes based upon our emotions. Those around us are able to pick up the frequencies of our emotions. Dependent upon the emotional frequencies, we will affect others around us. So, negative emotions emitting frequencies consistent with the emotion will create a negative environment, or reality, and the opposite is true. Have you ever noticed your mood can be affected by the environment you are in? Imagine you are in a great mood and walk into a situation where people are being negative, critical, or fighting. Is it likely you will be able to maintain your positive mood? More often than not, your mood will change to fit the negative vibrational frequency of the environment. It is also possible your positive emotional frequencies can overcome the negative frequencies. Being aware of the fact emotional frequencies are emitted from everyone will help us to keep from being sucked into a vortex of negativity when confronted with negative, critical people.

Scientists also know emotions affect our physiological bodies, in other words our health, or lack thereof. A body immersed in positive, peaceful frequencies has a stronger immune system, and is healthier all around. Cases are on record of people who have been cured of otherwise serious, even terminal illnesses, through positive thought and emotion. People undergoing the same surgical procedures with potentially negative outcomes will recover more quickly and without complications maintaining positive emotional frequencies than those with negative emotional frequencies who do not fare as well, and may even die as a result. The very concept Jesus was speaking about when He said “your faith has made you well”.

Scientists in the field of quantum physics have begun to admit we, in fact, do create our own realities. Remember the catalyst or impediment? The choice is ours. We can choose how we will respond to any situation and view it as a catalyst for change or an impediment to change and growth, leaving us stuck in the muck and mire many so vigorously complain about. Obviously, these are very basic illustrations of the complexities of emotion, vibrational frequencies, energy and the creation of reality, but then again, I am a keep-it-simple-stupid kind of girl…..

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