2018 has been declared the year of the Divine Feminine. Sounds like we are returning to the I-am-woman-hear-me-roar era, doesn’t it? I remember; I was there. Don’t be frightened, little ones, I promise this will not be as painful as the 1970’s women emerging from their cocoons, burning their bras (does anyone wear them anymore?), and becoming incensed when men offered to open a door, or a jar of pickles for us. Poor things, we did confuse the dears. Oops! My sarcasm is showing. No matter how ‘awakened’ I believe myself to be, the ever-present sarcasm lies just beneath the surface.

God is neither male, nor female, at least not in the way we define male and female. God is energy in its purest form; love. We are spirit, living in a body, having a human experience, yet we often forget we originated from love energy. We are spirit, first. Within the love energy of God are characteristics like strength, intuition, vulnerability, intelligence, gentleness, and empathy, to name a few. None of these is exclusively male or female; love energy is not gender-specific. It is not about who is stronger or more intelligent, nor is it about equating empathy with weakness and gullibility, or favoring logic over intuition. It is realizing all are important and all have a part to play within the Universe.

I listened to a nun speak about the Divine Feminine. To say it was enlightening is an understatement. Within the confines of her doctrinal beliefs and religious orientation was a woman of virtue, intelligence, intuition, strength and massive empathy. She doesn’t let her religious orientation stand in the way of spiritual pursuit, however. In her eyes God is love and embodies all of the positive energetic characteristics of the creation. Within God there is no Catholic, Lutheran, Jew, Muslim, or New Ager. We are all one and understand God in our own way. And, she believes the organized Christian world is male-dominated and the tide needs to change. I would agree. A challenge? Yes, but doable!

Recognizing and embracing the Divine Feminine gives us the opportunity to grow and become more like God. Isn’t that the point; becoming more like God? We have been taught God judges, God punishes, God hates some and loves others, and God requires us to ‘do’ rather than to ‘be’. The Divine Feminine peeks through once in a while throughout the Bible. Man, in his quest for ultimate control has not managed to remove the essence of God from scripture. “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10) In this case be-ing vs. do-ing. Jesus donned the clothes of humanity and embodied the fullness of God; both the masculine and the feminine. Jesus openly demonstrated gentleness, empathy, an intuitive nature, vulnerability, and strength. The intuitive nature of Jesus was fully matured. He listened and responded to His spirit-self, the part of His being that had come from God, the spark from the larger flame; demonstration of the Divine Feminine dressed in male clothing.

Women bring balance. We tend to the see the good in others, encourage the downtrodden, and see solutions rather than problems. Harkening back to the theories about prehistoric man, some scientists believe prehistoric man demonstrated and operated within the masculine-feminine roles much better than we do, and rightfully so since their lives depended on it. Perhaps there was less competition between the genders than today; the need to cooperate important to survival. The men hunted, remained vigilant to danger, while women nurtured the young and tended to gathering plants to feed the others. Women evolved within groups, developing social skills and sensitivity to relationships. Men fashioned weapons needed for hunting, usually more of a solitary activity unless banding together with other men to capture larger game to feed the little community. Perhaps prehistoric man did have a better handle on balancing the masculine and feminine.

The women of the Bible are included for purpose; to point us toward the Divine Feminine. Each of the women living within the pages of scripture were strong, resilient, intuitive, nurturing, and intelligent. Mary of Magdala is a good example of the Divine Feminine. She complemented Jesus, from all accounts was close to Him, intuitive, sensitive to the voice of God, and nurturing. She complemented the male disciples, as well. Mary was the balance for Peter’s impulsive, brash nature, likely the source of their discord. I admire her for walking away from the disciples when it became obvious Peter’s jealousy stood in the way of Mary’s contribution. Mary recognized Peter’s toxic spirit; a spirit consumed by lack of self-confidence and a need to be top dog. And, perhaps this is where the imbalance began again anew. As the dawn of a new spiritual understanding unfolded, women were prominent, instrumental in bringing the balance of masculine and feminine back to the created world Jesus had demonstrated, but the Church fathers had different ideas.

In today’s modern world we have progressed little in our appreciation for one anothers roles and gifts. Instead of recognizing and celebrating our God-given masculine and feminine characteristics and utilizing them as God intended, we clothe ourselves in jealousy, believing our positions threatened. As we journey with God, each on our own path seeking enlightenment, we need to include gratitude for the character traits we possess and those of others, embracing their collective importance within the Universe. The path to unity within races, gender identities, and religious beliefs lies in recognizing our unity with the Divine. Only then will we be able to appreciate the character traits of the Divine in others and bring healing through understanding and acceptance to a fractured world …..

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