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The Clutter is Speaking…..

There are times in life when we are just mentally and emotionally exhausted. Being an empath is not helping the matter either. Empaths pick up on the emotions of others through experiencing the energy around people, objects, and situations. We tend to internalize the energy and emotions, often without even realizing it; absorbing the energies and emotions is exhausting. Some of us are spiritually intuitive, as well, connecting with the spiritual world around us.  This all may sound mystical, or perhaps even crazy, to many people, but I can assure you, any empath will agree, we are not crazy. As a part of the creation as a whole, we are all energetically connected and affected by the energies around us. Empaths are just lucky enough to have gotten a bigger helping; these words brought to you by tongue-in-cheek enterprises.

For many months now, work has been particularly challenging. I love it, but at the same time it is taking its toll, in part, because I am picking up on a lot of emotions and negative energy swirling around . Some days it is relentless. At home, we are in the middle of a remodeling project; not a small one, the major kind where every room is torn up. When I say “we” I truly mean “we”. No contractors or workman are here doing the project. Nope, this is a true DIY (do it yourself). The disorder and chaos is beyond energetically draining! I am positive there is a light at the end of both tunnels however, at the moment, the lights are pinpoints of light barely visible with the naked eye. In my case, the pinpoints require magnification to even be considered pinpoints, since I am of the bifocal age group.

Certainly, people deal with far more life-threatening, life-changing issues than challenges at work or lengthy DIY projects. Few of us get through life without experiencing major life-changing events, and I have had my share. I was well educated in the School of Hard Knocks. No, these issues are more of the irritating variety, like mosquitoes buzzing around one’s head at dusk on a hot, sticky summer evening, or being joined by an unwelcome army of ants at a family picnic. The reality is at the end of the day I am still mentally and emotionally exhausted. I pull inward, go for a walk, breathe in the crisp air and shut the world out. Always, I put in my ear buds and tune into spiritual talk radio to refuel listening to excellent spiritual teachers and healers to learn something not even remotely related to infection control, quality control measures and improvement projects, Medicare Part D (does anyone really understand that??), or DIY remodels One program I heard recently was on Feng shui for the soul, which by the way, was quite enlightening.

Empaths generally seek out nature when it becomes necessary to get away from the onslaught of the energy and emotions of others. The ocean is my place of spiritual renewal and peace, the place I can hear the voice of God in the crash of the waves, and the call of the seagull. The fact the ocean is my space is interesting to me since I was born and raised in the northern climes resembling the Antarctic, and now live in the middle of the USA where the wheat fields bend and sway in the monsoon-like winds of the prairie. Granted, I am a city dweller, but the prairie surrounds even the biggest cities of our fair state. So, I walk to clear my head and spirit. I try to avoid eye contact with anyone I chance to meet on my journey; empaths need a fair amount of alone time, away from as many sensory experiences and people as possible to regroup.

Today, I listened to a program on clutter. Physical clutter is a manifestation of emotional and/or spiritual clutter. Ever given that much thought? I like this particular spiritual teacher; her thing is de-cluttering our lives, and I always take away a valuable nugget of truth whenever I tune in. Everything in the physical world relates to a spiritual truth. When our physical environments are cluttered we need to look inward. What emotions need to be sorted through, are there old thought patterns that no longer serve us, fears needing to be met head on, limiting beliefs holding us back? What are we holding onto waiting to be thrown out? Most of us lug around baggage better left in the landfill. Why? The fears and beliefs are familiar, comfortable, a part of our fabric, or so we think.

In my case, clutter is paralyzing. Work is a cluttered mess, organizationally-speaking, and home is a mess because we are in a major DIY (do-it-yourself) remodeling project. In truth, I don’t have much control over either situation. I am ready however, to relieve myself of clutter, things I have kept for years not needing to be kept. A few things have been thrown out as I run across them, and that is exactly what they are; ‘things’.

We all do it, hang onto ‘things’ thinking one day we will need the them, but do we ever?  It’s not like we wake up one day and ask ourselves where the ‘thing is. No, most ‘things’ get stored in a shed, tucked away in a storage unit, boxed up and put on a shelf in the basement or garage. When we move, the ‘things’ are moved, too, only to be stored, tucked, or boxed in a different location. I have held onto ‘things’ from years spent in an abusive marriage. Why? I don’t even like the ‘things’, but nevertheless they have traveled with me following the divorce.

One day, during our remodel, I ran across a few ‘things’ from a previous life, and really that is how I think of those years. I thought about the ‘things’ for a moment; a few pieces of miscellaneous dishware, a ceramic canister set we had purchased from an art show, a couple of holiday candy dishes, gathered them up and went out to the trash cart. I threw them into the cart, literally, and watched them shatter into a million pieces. Surprisingly, just the act of throwing the ‘things’ into a waste barrel and watching them shatter was cathartic. I was physically letting go of the ‘things’, and all they represented, but I was letting them go emotionally and spiritually as well. ‘Things’ carry emotional energy, good and bad. By ridding ourselves of the ‘things’ carrying negative emotional energy, we are taking the first step toward freeing ourselves from their grip.

Yeshua (Jesus) required time away from the very people He came to teach and mentor. The Bible makes reference to Yeshua going into the wilderness alone, often for days, and weeks at a time, knowing He had to regroup and clear Himself of the negative energies weighing heavily on His spirit.  I believe Yeshua was an empath, too. As fully alive physically and spiritually, He was able to read the energies of everyone with whom He came in contact. It must have been exhausting. What about the clutter? From all accounts, Yeshua traveled light, so the clutter He came in contact with and carried was from the people who sought after Him. Yeshua deeply felt the pain of those around Him. He wept when His friend Lazarus died, angered when wrongs were committed against others, and felt compassion for the lost, the infirm, and those tossed aside by society like so much garbage.

Are you exhausted, feel like you are just going through the motions? Take time away for yourself. Read, meditate, enjoy the creation around you, be kind to yourself. Is there clutter in your life that needs to be removed? What is the clutter saying to you…..?

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