Lately, I have been interested in the study of angels, specifically  guardian Angels and Archangels. The accepted theory in spirituality circles is that we all have guardian angels, at least 2, and we have access to the Archangels of God. Certainly, organized religion recognizes the presence of angels, but not in the personal way seekers of spirituality do. The Bible says  “for he (God) will order his angels to care for you and guard you wherever you go.” (Psalm 91:11 The Complete Jewish Bible) Sounds like guardian Angels, to me. Churches I have attended taught angels and demons were part of the spiritual realm and continually at war over our souls. If we are to live by “the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world” (I John 4 The Complete Jewish Bible) would there be reason for continual battle? Would we even need angelic help?

In January of 2017, a well known New Age teacher of Angel Therapy, Angel Readings, and the like, experienced an encounter with Jesus while attending a church service. Consequently, she has done a complete 180 in terms of philosophy and denounced most of what she taught over the years. Typical of mankind’s knee jerk reaction to anything new, controversy ensued. The New Age world was shaken. Once over the initial shock, many were angered, felt betrayed, and accusations flew. Two sides to every story exist, so I read the New Age interpretations of the conversion and I listened to the video said Angel Teacher released.

The New Age world was right in that she did make a dramatic swing and landed knee-deep in the Bible and church life. By the same token, from her video explanation my takeaway had more to do with her overall acknowledgment of Jesus as the incarnate Divine, not as one among many of the “ascended masters”. She had read the Bible cover to cover several times since her chance meeting with Jesus, and set aside many of the teachings she had formerly believed however, she made the distinction between what she now believed to be acceptable to God versus unacceptable based on method and heart motivation. After listening to her explanation I don’t believe she “threw the baby out with the bath water” as many adherents to New Age have said, rather she has chosen to give Jesus His rightful place as fully human, fully Divine Lord. To clarify, she is very much like every newly “saved” Christian I have ever met, drinking in and absorbing every word of the Bible and pretty much unable to speak or write a complete sentence without including a “praise Jesus”, or a scripture reference. I cannot fault her for that, many of us were like that in the beginning of our “walk with the Lord”. One day while I was listening to her radio call-in program a caller described her as a “bridge” between New Age and religion. Her mission, as she sees it now, is to bridge the gap between New Age philosophy and Christianity.

I have never believed anything in our lives is accidental or coincidental. There is purpose to everything under the sun. Up until I heard the radio broadcast I spent a fair amount of time contemplating my purpose, for lack of a better word, to explain why I felt driven to be the voice for those of us who have done the organized religion gig, do not fit in, yet have a desire to seek higher spiritual truth, to know and journey with the Divine. In that moment as I listened to the caller, everything came into focus. The sum total of all I have shared through writings and speaking with others is to bridge the gap for those leaving organized religion or seeking spirituality apart from religious Christianity. I never believed the two were mutually exclusive, yet nothing I ever read or heard up to that point confirmed the belief.

The world is a school as we live out our lives on earth. Do we all learn the same way? What makes sense to me may not resonate with you, and vice versa, but neither is fully right or fully wrong. Each of us is given a thread of knowledge as we seek and journey within the Divine. Some threads are heavier, some delicate, others brightly colored, and still others, muted shades to complement the colorful. From the threads of various sizes and colors a beautiful tapestry is woven. The tapestry is the Divine in the fullness of love. The path we pursue is what makes sense to us; if the path doesn’t enlighten or fulfill, we may not be on the best path for us. The only caution is, make certain the path is bathed in love; there is nothing negative on a path to the Divine.

In my mind, the once New Age teacher of Angel Therapy added to her understanding of the Divine; she was given another thread for the tapestry. Today, her perspective is unique, a blend of both sides of the fence; neither side is fully right or fully wrong. It is from our human, or ego-self we demand others to choose sides. Psychologically speaking, humans tend to make huge pendulum swings in times of change, eventually making our way back toward center. I expect the Angel Therapy teacher will do much the same. A grounded, or centered spiritual-seeker will allow others to walk their path without judgment. We all need to be in that place of non-judgment; both Christian and New Ager, praying church-goer and meditative spiritual seeker…..


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