Who are you? Who are we? Probably one of the best descriptions given to humanity I have heard so far is we are spiritual beings having a human experience. I like that, and it sums up the purpose of our existence in one sentence; short and sweet.

Too many of us get that statement turned around and then live our lives from a human standpoint while walking a spiritual journey. If we flip it around and view ourselves as spiritual beings first, our journey becomes primary and we begin to live life from the source of our existence, seeking truth and putting truth to work in our physical lives. The authentic self steps forward and the facades we have donned to meet the standards of the world are bagged up and tossed aside like ill-fitting clothing.

Living from the authentic self is scary and exciting all at the same time; kind of like putting on a swimsuit and going to the beach when we don’t match the Barbie doll body type we imagine romping the sand and sea, and then realizing most of the people on the beach look just like us. Authentic-self living means rising above the needs of the ego; to be right, recognized, and in control. Authentic-self living also means we march to the beat of the drum of our spirit; live the truth the Creator whispers to our spirits. We won’t all have the same journey, but the lessons are similar. We all need to learn to live from a center of love and acceptance of others, learn how to love self and exercise self-compassion when we screw up, deem ourselves unworthy or unacceptable, and along the way discover our individual life purpose.

As we settle into the awakening to our true self, or spirit self, transformation occurs. We begin to see others as sojourners on their own path, and do not feel the need to fashion another’s path into one that looks like ours. Church-life for me felt out of step, I didn’t see things the way others did, didn’t feel compelled to speak the same language, or mold myself into something I was not. Believe me, I tried, but it felt fake, hollow, not true to who I was on the inside. If church life speaks to you, fills you up to overflowing and resonates to the core of your being, by all means follow that path; it is meant for you!

Authentic living has its downside, however. As we speak from the heart others may become uncomfortable because it becomes obvious pretty quickly our focus is different, our interpretation of the world is not consistent with mainstream thinking, the accepted norm. The language of love is too harsh for some, and too soft for others, and positive thinking in the midst of turmoil looks like a denial of the facts.

Allowing the authentic self to take the driver’s seat helps us to see patterns in our lives that have brought us to the place we are today instead of a collection of haphazard events. When we are open to the leading of the Universal Intelligence, to God, we are able to see patterns of behavior and thinking, both good and bad. We begin to understand what and who has influenced the totality of our lives, and the experiences of life take the shape of our calling, our life purpose. I realized that in one capacity or another I have spent my life teaching and healing, having taught in academic, medical, and church settings, and listening to the wide variety of people who have come with heavy hearts, confusion, indecision, trauma, or questions seeking answers, compassion, understanding or direction. My life has been a journey to discover my niche, where I belong, knowing that my calling is teaching and healing. Becoming a Reiki practitioner has led down an interesting road of healing and teaching I hadn’t anticipated, but now I see it as part of the calling. Writing and public speaking is another aspect of that calling unfolding before me.

We are the sparks from the Universal Light, from God, the Father of Lights. Yeshua said it another way; “I am the vine and you are the branches. Those who stay united with me, and I with them, are the ones who bear much fruit; because apart from me you can’t do a thing.” (John 15:5 The Complete Jewish Bible) From a metaphysical standpoint that is almost a “Captain Obvious” statement because sparks apart from the flame die out pretty quickly, yet His point is well taken. Yeshua was speaking a foundational spiritual truth; we are an extension of the Universal Light, and to the Universal Light we will return when our physical bodies wear out. Recognizing the source and living from it empowers us, the energy of the Creator flows through us as we create our lives through thought, word and deed.

Individual sparks can illuminate a speck of space; collectively many sparks can light a room, and many, many more a world. As a world community this is our calling. As more and more awaken and walk a journey of discovery, love, wisdom and authentic-self living, our world will become a reflection of the Father of Lights……


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