Who is God? How do you picture the Creator of the universe and all that is within it? I have thought a great deal about this lately. Is He a bearded guy sitting on a throne waiting for us to screw up so He can punish? Does He keep a record book of everything we say, think or do in life? When we die will He judge us and send us to heaven or hell depending upon the severity of our sins? Images like these may sound childlike, but many people hold similar images of God in their heads.  

Man has created God in his image instead of the other way around. In a way our vision of God is human-like, endowed with the characteristics of man, both good and bad. God is known by many descriptive names: Healer, Emmanuel, Jehovah Rapha, Our Provider, Father, to name a few. Christians believe these to be facets of His overall personality, if you will, but in reality we are only privy to a speck of the total picture because of our limited understanding. God has always existed, and that in itself is a very difficult concept for finite man to grasp; God is energy, love energy, as it were, and energy cannot be destroyed, lending to His eternal nature.

Creating God in our image has resulted in a false and limited view of the Divine. The ‘gods’ of mythology were created in man’s image and yet we are aware that God, the Universal Source, and the ‘gods’ of mythology are radically different; one being real and the others the stuff of lore. As humans we have to put concepts in terms we can wrap our heads around; the images we create serve us for a time, but we need to grow and move beyond the one or two dimensional characters we fashion in our heads to a greater depth of understanding. We need to think outside the box.

A careful walk through the books known collectively as The Bible will reveal the human characteristics we have given to Universal Wisdom. God told Moses His name was “I AM”, which, if you think about it, is quite descriptive. The problem is that man added his own adjectives to the name “I AM” and created a god with human characteristics. We use terms like, “vengeful”, “forgiving”, “merciful”, “angry”, “jealous” and many others. Each is an adjective that describes the many characteristics of man. The Bible does say in several places that God is love, and truthfully, that is as far as we need to go in any description of God. Within love there is mercy, understanding, compassion, tenderness, and acceptance. Man adding adjectives has assigned God human characteristics. What purpose do the adjectives serve? The purpose benefits man alone; to those who seek to control others on their spiritual journey. The focus of the additional adjectives turns the table on us: “I need to be forgiven”, I made God mad”, I need to be pleasing to God”, keeping man beholden to man in search of absolution for “sins”. We spend effort and time seeking forgiveness and mercy instead of traveling our journey to reach higher levels of spiritual awareness and understanding. The reality is that God unequivocally knows we will make mistakes, we are here to learn and the learning process requires mistakes. Karma, what goes around comes around, what we sow we will reap, will answer to “bad” things we have done requiring correction. God doesn’t punish, He has no need to punish; God is love, plain and simple and He loves His creation unconditionally.

We were created in the image of God, in the image of the Universal Energy which means we are capable of the same unconditional love. Bound by this earthly plane and our finite understanding we cannot attain the level of unconditional love that characterizes God, but we can learn the lessons along the way teaching us the way of love, the need for awakening to the higher spiritual self and viewing self and others differently through the eyes of love and compassionate understanding. I have heard us described as sparks from the Universal Energy Source; I like that, and believe it quite descriptive and accurate. A spark is an image of the original fire, is it not?

Looking outside the box of organized and traditional religion, we are able to imagine God in a different way, and for me, this has resulted in  the feeling of having arrived home. The image of God as pure energy, pure love, pure wisdom, has awakened me to a higher understanding, resonated truth throughout my entire being as never before. I see people differently, I am far less judging, far more compassionate, and find myself more at peace with life as it unfolds. The vision of God as a brilliant light radiating love and sharing the wisdom of the universe is freeing. Within the radiant love of the Father of Lights there is acceptance for who I am, flaws and all, mercy for the times I fall, compassion for the days I feel the weight of the world and experience the wounds man inflicts. I am energized to pick myself up again and walk forward and upward toward deeper understanding. I am bathed in peace, the peace that passes all understanding, the kind of peace Yeshua (Jesus) referred to.

I’m not going to lie, I battled fear for a moment; fear that I was stepping off into the demonic abyss. The indoctrinated fears of organized religion run deep, and it is no small task to overcome years of conditioned belief. At first the journey was a daily task to put aside former belief and open my mind to truth new to me, to the wisdom of the universe.

Who is God? In the end the question is personal, and no one can answer that question for us. The journey is personal. The wisdom and knowledge we accumulate along the way is meant to encourage us toward a higher level of understanding self, others, and God, the Universal Energy that flows through each of us. Collectively, the knowledge and wisdom we learn is meant to create the bigger picture; the picture of pure love…..

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