There are just some books/movies that speak so much truth, touch us so deep within, we are forever changed. The Shack was one such book/movie. I read the book when it first came out. Last night one of my daughter’s and I watched the movie. It would be an understatement to say I shed a few tears; the floodgates let loose.

The movie made a much bigger impact than did the book, at least for me. Perhaps because I am at a different place in my life, my spirit more open to being washed with the beauty of such a tragic story. And, the word “journey” was used several times to describe the relationship we have with God; the word had been hidden from me when I read the book years ago. Hearing “journey” being used confirmed the desire I have to bring understanding of God and His love to those who have no use for organized religion, yet yearn for relationship with the Creator. The word I have used so  many times.

The book/movie portrayed God as a woman, kicking up controversy; a fact that likely preempted some people from reading based upon a false assumption. I just accepted it without question. When I read the book I had actually missed the significance however, in the movie the choice made perfect sense.  So why a woman to  portray God in the flesh? God meets each of us where we are in life. The main character saw God as the woman who comforted him when he was a child after his father abused him. The kind face, the easy way she had when she wrapped him in her arms, the offer of a freshly made pie, all represented safety, guidance, and the affirmation of love he desperately lacked. God is what we need at each moment of our lives. Sometimes our perception of God is based on negative images of Him we have learned in church or through relationship with the religious. How tragic; when we need Him most we reject His offer of comfort based on ill-perceived images of a judge seeking to condemn any who step out of line, or any other version that negates His true character.

“God” (the movie character) pointed out to the main character he was “stuck” in the tragedy of his daughter’s loss. How many of us have been stuck because of an unexpected upheaval, tragedy, or event in our lives? One of my favorite lines from the movie was, “When all you see is your pain, you lose sight of Me.” Isn’t that what happens to most of us in the midst of a job loss, financial ruin, terminal diagnosis, or unexpected death? Our focus becomes the circumstance, the situation, the loss, and we cannot see beyond the intensity of the pain to the One who understands, comforts, and heals.

The person of the Holy Spirit takes the main character to a garden and shows him a beautiful, yet tangled mess of flowers and foliage. The main character comments that the garden is a mess. She (the Holy Spirit – don’t anyone freak!) tells him he is the garden; the beautiful mess is how the Trinity see him. Each of us is a mess in our own right, are we not? Yet there was beauty in the midst of the tangled and twisted foliage. We are beautiful to God in our tangled and twisted condition. Too often we curl into a ball of depression and wither when He would prefer to help us rise from the ashes.

In order to fully appreciate the gold in the movie it does warrant being seen more than once. I did manage to write down a few quotes that spoke to me. One such quote was, “Religion is way too much work. I don’t want slaves, I want friends.” Yeshua (Jesus) and the main character were having a deep conversation about misconceptions related to Yeshua’s character. True statement! Religion IS too much work! Religion requires that I earn God’s acceptance and love, that I work my way toward restoration instead of embracing the fact the work was already accomplished on the cross. We tend to make a relationship with God so much harder than it really needs to be, when in reality relationship should be easy, peaceful, and refreshing.

In the end the main character understood God in a very different way, and learned God had been there through all the hard times in his life. The main character wanted to know why God allowed such tragedy and heartbreak; don’t we all? The answer was similar to what many of us have heard, and the answer was just as difficult to embrace coming from the character of God in the movie. The words of the book and movie were penned by a human; in the words of Paul, “we see through a glass, darkly…..” (1 Corinthians 13:12 KJV), and as humans we are only privy to the story we see with our earthly eyes. For the time being, we cling to faith to fill in the blanks until we see Him face to face.

For the main character, the warm, inviting cottage, the smell of pie baking in the oven, sunlight streaming through the windows represented God, the place where he could find relationship and feel close to God. Where do you go to find God, to cuddle in, or take refuge from life’s trials and tribulations? How does God manifest to you…..?


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